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Montgras Antu Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Montgras Antu Cabernet Sauvignon 2013. Georgia’s Wine Pick

In Chile at Mont Gras with the winemaker Santiago Margozzini

In Chile at Mont Gras with the winemaker Santiago Margozzini. Montgras Antu Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

My wine pick today MontGras Antu Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 hails from the Maipo Valley, Chile, it is a Cab Sauv, sells for $17.95 and is worth every penny and then some.

Montgras Antu Cabernet Sauvignon 2013.

Listen to my wine review on the radio show at 3:02 minutes.

Produced by the winery Mont Gras, they make great wines over there, also super value for the price points, I’m sure this is not my first time that one of their wines have come up for me… but here is a winner!

Deep ruby red, Juicy, powerful, yet elegant, blackberry and blueberry and hints of black pepper on the nose, mouth filling, with more black berry, cherry, touch of oak, soft tannins, so delicious, with a long finish.. just got my bbq repaired, and Antu Cab coming back with my up-coming steak on the grill!

On this week’s radio show…A salute to the glorious grape and beyond, from the table, to the fortified spirit, to the jewel of Spain, Rioja


We’ll start with our salute to the glorious grape, but beyond the grape as a table wine rather the role it plays in a variety of spirits of which there are many. Examples such as Pisco from Peru, Cognac from Cognac, Grappa traditionally from Italy…or as a  fortified wine like Port from Portugal and of one of the jewels of Spain, Sherry.

Meet Vina Santa Rita’s acclaimed winemaker Cecilia Torres Salinas, International Woman’s Day

 Next we will welcome from a business that has traditionally been male dominated,  a pioneer in this field. She has definitely helped pave the way for her fellow female colleagues. We are talking about the role of head winemaker for one of the most prominent and historic wineries in the wine growing country of Chile. An award winning winemaker, she is Cecilia Torres Salinas of Vina Santa Rita.

Listen to Cecilia Torres Salinas at 17:20 minutes into the show.

 While in Chile several years ago we had the opportunity to stay at Vina Santa Rita and met Cecilia. In fact we spent International Women’s Day with an array of journalists who were invited to spend an afternoon celebrating, picnicking and drinking Cecelia’s wines on the spectacular grounds of Vina Santa Rita.



On this week’s radio show...Celebrate International Woman’s Day 2016 with us!

We have a fantastic show for you today all in Celebration of International Women’s Day 2016. International Women’s Day was officially launched in 1911. Today over 100 years later IWD is celebrated around the world with 1000’s of events honouring women everywhere for their various achievements.

We want to be a part of that too and so today we’re going to welcome three fantastic ladies to the show. Each lady bringing something unique and different to the table. From Royalty, yes as in the Royal Highness Prince William and Prince Harry. You won’t want to miss that!  To a pioneering, award winning winemaker and to a very special brand of wine specifically designed for us ladies!

Celebrate International Woman’s Day with Girls’ Night Out wines, the wine that gives back to women!

Meet esteemed winemaker Marcelo Papa of Casillero del Diablo

On to a delicious variety of wines to grace your holiday table. We have the whole gamet covered with our next esteemed guest described as a “genius winemaker,Marcelo Papa. Chief Winemaker for the legendary  Casillero del Diablo wines from Chile, one of the most successful brands in the world in over 135 countries.

On this week’s radio show… Holiday Season sparkles with bubbly, glorious stemware, a variety of great value vino and luxurious limo.


Thank you for joining us, tis the season to be merry…hohoho .We have a fabulous holiday season show planned for you today, including suggestions that will sparkle with bubbly, pleasure your palate with fabulous vino that won’t break the bank.
Plus we’ll introduce you to a stunning stemware line, new to the market, hand crafted and glorious for gift giving and  “how to travel in style safe and sound this holiday season!

Marcelo Papa to join us. What wines will be chilling in your ice buckets, served on your table, and with what this holiday season? Marcelo Papa here with awesome recommendations and great stories including the legend of the Cellar of the Devil.

Listen to Marcelo Papa at 20:55 minutes in the show.

MARCH 1, 2018

Once again Casillero del Diablo was highlighted internationally, this time by the prestigious English consultancy Wine Intelligence, being recognized as the second most powerful wine brand in the world. Wine Intelligence developed its first Global Wine Branding Index, in which 16,000 wine consumers from the 15 most important countries in the industry were interviewed, representing more than 380 million consumers.

This ranking is based on the connection brands have with consumers. Six measurement methods were used, among which “brand awareness”, “remembered purchase in the last three months”, “measurement of brand connection related to affinity and recommendation of the product”, among other aspects.

In the breakdown by country, the Chilean wine brand led the ranking in markets such as Brazil, Chile and Ireland and ranked among the Top 5 in China, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Sweden. The ranking was headed by the Australian brand Yellow Tail, while Casillero del Diablo was positioned in second place, over recognized international brands such as Gallo, Jacob’s Creek, among others.

On this week’s radio show…Holiday Season sparkles with bubbly, glorious stemware, a variety of great value vino! Introducing VillaMaria, Casillero del Diablo, 12 Obsession and Just For U Limo.

Meet head winemaker Santiago Margozzini of MontGras. On this week's audio podcast.

Meet head winemaker Santiago Margozzini of MontGras. On this week’s audio podcast.

We first begin with the long and narrow country of Chile, clinging to the continent’s western edge like a ribbon lining the Pacific Ocean. Calling in from the Colchagua Valley in Chile, we will be welcome the Head Winemaker Santiago Margozzini of MontGras. A stunning, award winning winery that we had the pleasure to visit in 2012.

MontGras Colchagua,The Wine Ladies Adventure in Chile.

On this week’s radio show…

South America Sizzles with Sensational Sips and Sights! Exploring Chile, Argentina and Peru!

We have a super lineup of guests this week. Our topic today Sizzling South America with their red hot wines, incredible gastronomy and the exploring of what one of our favorite Globe and Mail columnist recently called the “hippest sip of the moment”, that is Pisco.

EPISODE WL 08-09-2015

Listen to Santiago Margozzini at 8:11 minutes into the show



Amaral Sauvignon Blanc

Amaral Sauvignon Blanc

Ninquen Antu Chilean Mountain Vineyard Syrah 2013

Ninquen Antu Chilean Mountain Vineyard Syrah 2013

Hernan Gras Founding Partner & Winemaker

Hernan Gras Founding Partner & Winemaker


The Wine Ladies attend Santiago “wine making college” under the tutorship of head winemaker Santiago Margozzini while in Chile in 2013.

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Founders of MontGras,Hernan Gras Eduardo Gras Cristian Hartwig.

Crazy for Chile and for MontGras!The Wine Ladies magical visit.

In Chile at Mont Gras with the winemaker Santiago.

In Chile at MontGras with the winemaker Santiago Margozzini.

Crazy over Chile!

A moment in time, frozen in our minds forever. The vision we saw from ten thousand feet above the spectacular Andes mountains as we approached the capital city of Santiago, Chile. Breathtaking in a rainbow of colors, we inhaled the magnificence of the largest mountain range in the world. Chile, at last, we’d so been looking forward to this day! On the worldwide stage of wine, Chile has an enviable position!

Welcome to Chile! It may be long and skinny in size and shape, but it’s big and fat when it comes to fabulous wines and food!

As a wine producing country Chile has been dealt a winning hand thanks in large part to its natural barriers, the Atacama Desert in the north, the magnificent Andes Mountains to the east, Patagonian ice fields to the south and of course the Pacific Ocean to the west. These geographic barriers serve Chile well, protecting the vineyards from pests and disease, while also facilitating organic and even biodynamic viticulture. Chile, in fact was never affected by the root eating louse phylloxera that decimated the winegrowing regions in the mid to late 1800’s. As a result grafting was never necessary and the great majority of Chile’s vines are planted on their original rootstocks unlike the majority of grapevines in the “old world” planted on the hearty North American rootstocks. Many experts maintain Chilean vines are at a huge advantage with vines better able to express their character and their terroir.

On our visit we experienced several incredible wineries and have chosen to share with you the time we spent with one in particular MontGras a leading wine producer founded in 1993 by brothers Hernán and Eduardo Gras together with their business partner Cristian Hartwig. MontGras is situated in the Colchagua Valley in Chile’s Central Region the heart of Chile’s most prominent wine zone.

MontGras’ mission was to create world-class wines that reflected Chile’s best terroir.

Today, “mission accomplished” with MontGras enjoying tremendous success with their line-up of wines being produced in the main wine regions of the country – Colchagua, Maipo and Leyda. MontGras embodies the perfect blend of state of the art technology with the talent and passion of a very special group of people.

Our introductory evening to MontGras was in the capital city of Santiago at the much touted restaurant of Astrid & Gaston fame, La Mar. Our hosts Hernán and Juan Pablo Quijada, the Export Manager, with their “personalities extraordinaire” treated us to an evening that totally rocked, La Mar was everything it promises to be, one of the best, most happening, colorful and amazing restaurants in town. The music played, the mouth watering apps arrived and the wines flowed.

Founders of MontGras,Hernan Gras Eduardo Gras Cristian Hartwig.

Founders of MontGras,Hernan Gras, Eduardo Gras and Cristian Hartwig.

From the ocean we enjoyed an assortment of ceviche, dressed in varying treatments, amazingly delicious! Main courses included scallops, sea bass, conger and more. We enjoyed a bottle of MontGras’ Amaral Sauvignon Blanc, produced from the Amaral vineyards located in the coolest wine region of Chile, Leyda Valley where some of the best whites in the country are made. Crisp, fresh and elegant with aromatics of grapefruit, tropical fruit and hints of white flowers, this wine delivered beautifully on the nose and on the palate.


What a night, and then it was time to bid “buona noche” as tomorrow a full day is planned at the winery with head winemaker Santiago Margozzini.

We arrive at MontGras and quickly see that the “work” is now about to begin!

At the tasting table, overlooking the stunning vineyards of MontGras Cabernet Sauvignon, Santiago is at the helm…before too long we are totally engrossed in passionate and enlightening conversation and tastings. Over a dozen of MontGras’ brands, Ninquén, Antu, Intriga, Amaral, are swirled, sniffed and slurped to our delight, each one with a story as recounted by Santiago. (put link here to all the wines)

So you think being a winemaker is an easy gig? Think again, as we are ushered down to the cellar where we are faced with creating our own wine! This is what they offer the visitors, trying your hand at being a winemaker. From the blend, selecting varying proportions of Cab Sauv, Carmenere and Merlot, to bottling, corking, labelling and picking a name! Loads of fun, it’s back to chemistry 101, with test tubes, measuring apparatus and calculator, throw in the nose and taste buds! We are put to the task!

Susanne’s blend takes the votes, with a 15% higher proportion of Carmenere, it is softer, Georgia’s blend is a touch more austere with Cabernet Sauvignon taking on a leading role.

Horseback riding amounts the vineyards of MontGras..

Horseback riding amounts the vineyards of MontGras..

Next on the agenda it is time for us to ascend the first mountain vineyard in Chile, MontGras’ “Ninquén”.  We mount our horses, and are off, a breathtaking trek up the mountain, through the stunning vineyards, the Andes dutifully our compass. This is Ninquén, the mountain vineyard. Planted with Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere, the ultra premium reds that these vineyards produce are now iconic and have set a stage for further vineyards climbing “to the top”.

At MontGras winemaking school.

At the top now, glasses of a rich ruby red wine with purple nuances are passed around. We are about to enjoy one of Georgia’s favorite varietals a Syrah, the MontGras Antu Syrah. We learned from Hernán that the grapes for this wine are sourced from the vineyards of this mountain Ninquén , one of MontGras’ emblem estates which became a pioneer vineyard in Chile when the mountaintop was planted taking the vine to its maximum rigor, in a wild terrain. Our Antu Syrah is juicy, elegant and loaded with ripe black berries, plum and notes of spice on the palate, is well rounded and has a delicious lingering affect just like the beauty that surrounds us, a moment in time that will not soon be forgotten.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone at MontGras for welcoming us and sharing their enthusiasm and passion for their wines, the incredible wine regions, the cuisine and the joie de vivre that surrounds it all in your beautiful country Chile! It was truly a magical visit and we departed “Crazy for Chile” and for MontGras!

Power Boating Canada article…Crazy for Chile.

Viña Errázuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2012

Viña Errázuriz Chardonnay Wild Ferment 2012, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

Viña Errázuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2012

Viña Errázuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2012

So just recently we had the opportunity to attend the 10th anniversary of “the Berlin Tasting:, a legendary and ground breaking tasting that showcased the wines of Chile like never before, beating out iconic wines such as Chateau Lafite and Chateau Margaux. As a nod to this accomplishment and this event, the founder of which is Eduardo Chadwick of Viña Errazuriz, I’d like to share the wine we were greeted with hat evening that was absolutely delicious.

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

My wine pick this week is the Viña Errazuriz Chardonnay Wild Ferment 2012 from the Casablanca Valley in Chile.

So wild ferment means that the winery or winemaker uses native yeasts. These yeasts end up contributing more complexity to the wine. It was aged “sur lie” for 10 months in Oak barrels… it was seductively intense, complex on the nose, with pineapple and peach notes and a creaminess on the palate, with hunts of toast and nuts… Crisp acidity! I really enjoyed this wine.


Viña Errázuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2012

VINTAGES#: 738393

$22.95 per bottle
The Berlin Tasting:Uncorking the Potential of Chile´s Terroir

Tweet to Win…The Berlin Tasting:Uncorking the Potential of Chile´s Terroir.


The Berlin Tasting:Uncorking the Potential of Chile´s Terroir .

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Recently in Toronto celebrating The 10th anniversary of The Berlin Tasting with featured guest Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Sena.

Recently in Toronto celebrating The 10th anniversary of The Berlin Tasting with featured guest Eduardo Chadwick the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder of Mondavi of Sena.

The 10th anniversary of a ground breaking tasting that sent a little bit of tremor through our world of wine… it was called The Berlin Tasting. And boy did it ever make a statement and an impact in the perception of this country’s wine

And the country, a long and skinny one with wine regions that span from the north to the south, over 4000 kilometers. Is… ready for this.. Chile. Now at this historic tasting, these wines truly came out on top! Beating out some of the worlds iconic wines including established French classics such as Chateau Lafite, Chateau Margaux and and Italian cult wines including Sassicaia and Tignanello.

Today all the way from Chile, to share with us how this tasting went down that historic January day in 2004,  to the surprise of the panel of 36 international judges, no-one really expected this outcome… except possibly our guest… Eduardo Chadwick, the President and Owner of Vina Errazuriz and co-founder with Mondavi of Sena, who’s two wines won top honours! We’ll also explore with Mr. Chadwick how these wines are faring today and the long lasting impact this legendary tasting has had on the wines of Chile today.
And not only is Chile a premier  wine growing region, but the country itself is also  stunning with natural landscapes, dramatically varied from desert to forest, volcanoes, glaciers and beaches.. So much to do and see from the mysterious  and most isolated place in the world, Easter Island to the Atacama Desert, the highest and driest desert on earth, likened in places to the surface of Mars…to fill us in on some of the bucket list places to visit in Chile, we will be welcoming Juan Antonio Figueroa, the Trade Commissioner of Chile here in Toronto 

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Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Well with the season turning a little colder now I was in the mood for something a little thick, warm and luscious.

I love wines from Chile and the Maipo Valley is one of Chile’s most important wine-producing regions, Often described as the “Bordeaux of South America” and rich, fruit-driven Cabernet Sauvignon is undoubtedly its most celebrated wine style.

My wine pick this week is the Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, robust with big fruit, this wine hits the spot for me at just $17.95 in our market. Outstanding.

Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

—VINTAGES#: 18721

$17.95 per bottle.

Episode #11

WOW,no bull roar here with the wines of Navarra, Spain


Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Viña Tarapacá Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
Andean Flavours

Join us May 26th for the 3rd annual Andean Flavours Gourmet Tasting Experience

Andean Flavours

Andean Flavours

Discover the rich flavours and products of South America.

3rd annual Andean Flavours Gourmet Tasting Experience.

Discover the rich flavours and natural products from South America. Try and learn about these ethnic products and how to invigorate your menu with them.

Join us on May 26th at the 3rd annual Andean Flavours Gourmet Tasting experience!

“Andean Flavours” is Entertainment, Education and Experience, which includes a Seminar “Ancient Flavours” for Chefs, and a Trade Show, where you can learn and also find the most exclusive, ethnic, healthy, organic, ingredients and products from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia.

The exhibition and products for sale like: Quinoa, Sacha Inchi, Maca, Chia, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Coffee, Avocado oil, Exotic salsas, most of them are gluten free, sustainable, raw, non GMO, rich in omega 3-6-9 and high in proteins.

Your ticket will give you access to enjoy five recipes, made by local prestigious chefs.
They will be cooking on live and combining with products and ingredients from the Andean Region.

You will also have access to samples offered by Wines of Chile and demos of food and natural juices, live music and much more.

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If you are Chef, please register for the seminar “Ancient Flavours” at no cost,  just provide your ID as a chef. The Seminar will start at 5pm until 6pm.

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 Peru’s national drink Pisco!

Watch “One Sip At A Time…. with The Wine Ladies.” Adventures around the globe. The Wine Ladies TV in PERU and our discovery of PISCO… Peru’s national drink.