Mark Napier doing a hat trick!

On this week’s audio podcast…Happy Canada Day! Celebrate with Hat Trick wines launching June 26th at the LCBO.

Mark Napier doing a hat trick!

Mark Napier doing a hat trick!

Talk about quintessentially Canadian,Hockey Is Canada after all! We connect our  love of  the sport with our love of wine! NHL Star Mark Napier has a “hat trick” of his own!

Listen to Mark at 8:08 minutes into the show!

Episode 26

Happy Canada Day! Introducing our new weekly radio segment SIP and SLEUTH To Win!

We have a super show lined up for you today, with Canada Day around the corner and a fabulous lineup of guests,all connected in someway to our fabulous country celebrating its 138th birthday. PLUS we are also really excited about introducing a brand new segment to our show SIP and SLEUTH To Win!!! Click here to enter and win a Himalayan Salt Stone Set with Tray valued at $99.99.

Danielle of Colio Wine Estates and Mark Napier

Danielle Giroux of Colio Wine Estates and Mark Napier

 Our first guests from Colio Estate Winesout of Lake Erie North Shore and the NHL Alumni Association partner in the perfect power play by combining great wine making, VQA grapes and Canadian spirit in a wine called “HAT TRICK”,with proceeds supporting a variety of charities. To learn more we’ll be welcoming former NHLer, two time Stanley Cup Champion, Mark Napier to the show as well as Danielle Giroux,VP Marketing of Colio Estate Wines.

Mark Napier at the Juno Cup

Mark Napier at the Juno Cup


Girls' Night Out Sparkling

Girls’ Night Out Sparkling for the Oscars!

Shores of Erie

Lake Erie North Shore, 6th annual International Wine Festival Shores of Erie.