Inniskillin Discovery Series P3 2012, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

 Hello & Farewell… was a delectable and emotional luncheon held at the TOCA Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. At which we welcomed and enjoyed Inniskillin winemaker Bruce Nicholson’s  new wines.

And bid farewell to a very special lady who is affectionately known as “Miss Inniskillin 1975”. With over 30 years with Inniskillin, the one and only Debi Pratt, so loved and well respected throughout the entire wine industry was entering into her retirement… So sad are we to see her go. Debi leaves a legacy of her own, a brilliant, charismatic ambassador and educator for not only Inniskillin but the Ontario wine industry as a whole. As a testament and a tribute to Debi’s contribution she received the incredible honour of having a vineyard named after her “The Pratt” Vineyard. Congratulations Debi!

Bruce Nicholson

Bruce Nicholson

We enjoyed a delightful afternoon filled with nostalgia, amazing wines and food… seated across from winemaker Bruce we learned about some of his “firsts”  including a delish Sauvignon Blanc the 2013 Estate Series, super value we discover at price point $14.95!  Stay tuned for further details as this will surely be a Wine Pick in the near future.

But for now… we enjoyed a tremendous lunch that included a to die for Mushroom Risotto with parmesan foam, followed by  main course options of Duck Breast or Ravioli Capresi;  I elected to go with the Duck Breast served with seasonal vegetables and chocolate flakes. For wine pick, I often try to find something a little different, and today at this memorable luncheon I did! My go-to wine this afternoon was a blend… not a traditional blend, but one Bruce calls the 2012 Inniskillin Discovery Series P3.

Bruce Nicholson, the winemaker keeping innovation at the forefront at Inniskillin.

Available at Winery Boutique, online and at the Wine Rack

$19.95 #80003853

P3 is a unique blend of three Pinot grapes. 85%-90% of this wine is made up with Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio with the remaining being Pinot Blanc. An expression of Bruce’s artistry in the cellar. The wine is fresh and crisp with good acidity. It has enticing notes of lemon and lime with floral hints and a flavour with includes peach and touch of vanilla. Very delicious. Most suitable to enjoy on its own or with a variety of fresh summer fare including grilled chicken, fish or seafood.

Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

In Beauty MedSPA. Pssssssst!.Celebrity Hollywood beauty secrets revealed. A glass of red wine and more!

Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

We had a lot of help from our beauty partner In Beauty MedSPA  located in Yorkville, Toronto Canada. This year at TIFF we rally needed to be “red carpet” ready for our Web TV series, The Wine Ladies Talking Wine With The Stars. Now we know what those Hollywood types do to get ready for any red-carpet or special events, TV interviews and more.

For 5 weeks we were catered to and treated like “A” list stars by Kate Lee

We had the extreme pleasure leading up to our TV shoot to experience the services of this amazing oasis in the heart of Toronto. For 5 weeks we were catered to and treated like “A” list stars by Kate Lee and her entire team. Pre-TIFF skin and beauty treatments including radio frequency treatments; IPL Intense Pulsed Light NannoLight facials, and the fabulous whole body LED light spa as we affectingly refer to as the “pod”. This is a one stop shopping spa to make you relaxed, beautiful and thinner!!!! Many thanks.

We had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Kate Lee on our radio show not too long ago and got the scoop on what the celebs do to look their best. Including choice foods which pack an antioxidant punch! Also on the show from Inniskillin Wines and their award winning Icewines, Public Relations Manager Debi Pratt as well as discover Executive Chef David Penny’s idea of the perfect “film fare” to pair with sparkling Icewines! Check out the highlight here!

In Beauty MedSPA Kate Lee and The Wine Ladies talk beauty secrets of the stars!

Celebrity Spa Secrets, red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies In Beauty MedSPA

Take a virtual tour of the In-Beauty MedSPA with Kate Lee and The Wine Ladies here.

The Wine Ladies anti-aging rules to live by.

1. A cup of green tea in the morning ( some blueberries on your cereal too)
2. A piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon
3. A glass of red wine with dinner at night.
4. Exercise regularly
5. And visit Kate Lee’s In Beauty Med-Spa!

Fountain of Youth Secrets Revealed! In Beauty MedSPA