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QuickStrip by Rapid-Dose Therapeutics

Introducing QuickStrip, the game changing delivery system.

Kristina Shea
Kristina Shea

Our second guest, she too is brilliant, gorgeous, smart, an innovator in business and a supreme  advocate for women, Kristina Shea. Kristina is the head of Marketing & Communications for Rapid-Dose Therapeutics, a Canadian med-tech company.

A fascinating lady, so informed and passionate about women being the best they can be. She will share with us three products that address very important needs of women today. Such as ample sleep. There is some incredible research on this topic. The importance of B12, with latest research on this too you will want to hear, plus, energy, or energize oneself.  All this deliverable in a unique and most effective way, called QuickStrip, developed by Rapid-Dose Therapeutics.

Listen to Kristina Shea at 16:29 minutes in the audio podcast

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day


What is so disruptive and unique about RDT? What exactly are the QuickStrip, and what are the key characteristics that make it so unique/effective? Delivers the active ingredient directly. Precise dose, full benefit of the dose, 90% absorbed? Quick, convenient, precise, discreet.

How does it work? What is it about the technology that makes it superior to other ways of taking supplements, or Pharma products? How do we use it? Under the tongue? Inside the cheek? Do we place the quick strip the same way in our mouths regardless of which it is?

The Wine Ladies visit Rapid Dose Technologies and get a lesson on the Quick Strip products.
The Wine Ladies visit with Marketing and Communications Director for Rapid-Dose Therapeutics, Kristina Shea to get a lesson on the QuickStrip products.

Lets talk about the three QuickStrip products and the importance or ways these three can contribute to a woman’s improved health and well being?

Starting with the Melatonin. How important is getting a good nights sleep? As women we seem to suffer with insomnia far worse than men?

Peaceful and instant rest with QuickStrip. ?? Melatonin embedded on a strip that melts in your mouth and quickly delivered to your blood stream.

Lets address the importance of B12 to women, we remember in our chat a few weeks ago, a few of your points really hit home… related to osteoporosis was one.., Can you expand on that?And heart health as well? Any evidence you can share with us on these?
Finally your Energy QuickStrip. You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to need that extra edge!

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