Domaine Lafage Cuvee Centenaire 2014 

Domaine Lafage Cuvee Centenaire 2014, Georgia’s Wine Pick

Domaine Lafage Cuvee Centenaire 2014 

OMG, I really like this white wine. A departure from the more common varietals, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris. All that I enjoy as well, this wine is a blend of Grenache Blanc, majority about 80% I think it is, and the remaining being Roussanne.

 It comes from southern France, the wine is the Domaine LAFAGE, Centenaire, from the Cotes du Roussillon, as in Longuedoc-Roussillon. I have gone back and bought this wine at least four times now. It sells for $19.95 in our market locally in Ontario and worth every penny.

It is elegant, it is fresh and crisp,  with an inviting aroma of  peach and floral hints and the flavour was full, it was clean, had citrus notes and a grassy hint, refreshing, satisfying, really yummy.

Domaine Lafage Cuvee Centenaire 2014 

Domaine Lafage Cuvee Centenaire 2014

Domaine LAFAGE, Centenaire,

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Episode 43

On this week’s radio show…Celebrities and their love of wine.

We have a great show for you today, and our topic “Celebrity Wines.”
Whether owning their own wineries or hooking up with an existing winery, famous directors, actors, musicians, around the world are getting involved in this business.
And why not?  Who wouldn’t want to own a winery?  We do! So we’ve got three special guests joining us here today, from celebrity wineries, you know them all, the wines and the celebrities.