Jimmy Buffet, Tequila

Tequila the most celebrated spirit of all! The Wine Ladies Video Podcast.

With so many new wineries and regions producing better and better wines, the world is our oyster. So why not think or DRINK outside the box and explore a little bit more this year. That’s one of our New Year’s resolutions to be sure.

Our topic for this week’s show, a departure from the vine. To a spirit that is undeniably a part of modern pop culture. Celebrated in song by many from Steely Dan and the Eagles to the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffet, a spirit that’s been around for over 200 years and growing in popularity. The delicious and often misunderstood, tequila! And there’s a lot more to tequila than one might think. It is a spirit rich in history, in complexity and versatility.

Ian Chadwick, Tequila and More Show

Ian Chadwick, Tequila and More Show

Joining us this week, our guest Ian Chadwick, a tequila and mescal aficionado. A writer,blogger, politician but he’s also the expert on tequila. He knows everything starting from the roots of the blue agave plant used to make it.