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Ask The Wine Ladies – Can you recommend a bicycle wine tour to Niagara-on-the-Lake?


We have guests visiting from London this summer and we were thinking about doing a one-day bicycle wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake. We’d love to show off a few of our wineries. Just wondering if you’ve done any of these tours and might have some thoughts to share on your experience.

– Alyssa


Yes, we have had the opportunity to enjoy a winery tour on wheels and would highly recommend it. The best way to share our thoughts on this is by recounting our personal tour experience of last summer.

We booked through GRAPE ESCAPE WINE TOURS. They were kind enough to give us a personalized guided “ride”. Grape Escape Wine Tours has been awarded the TRIP ADVISOR’s Certificate of Excellence for 5 years running. It is  family owned and operated and obviously do a fabulous job. They offer a great variety of guided wine tours for single participants, small groups, larger groups, either on foot, in a vehicle or on a bicycle.


What a glorious day for a bike ride. The sun is shining brilliantly, there is a gentle cool breeze wafting through the trees and my shorts fit! Hallelujah! Niagara wine country here we come for our inaugural, abbreviated bicycle wine tour – we are excited!

It’s been a very hectic summer thus far and we are looking forward to experiencing a little relaxation, sunshine, stunning scenery, some wonderful wines, and just a tad of exercise. We are teaming up with Grape Escape Wine Tours for a private and privileged tour, on which we’ll visit three wineries, to sample a red wine, a white wine and an ice wine. The plan is to have a full facility tour at one of the wineries and enjoy a wine and cheese tasting to close off the afternoon. On this excursion, we will peddle close to 8kms at a leisurely pace, returning to our base camp in just  under 2.5 hours.

For those who might like to consider a bicycle wine tour, the typical Grape Escape Wine Tour “afternoon bicycle tour” is lengthier.  It is closer to 5 hours (12kms) and includes 4 wineries instead of our 3.

Our rendezvous point is Kurtz Orchard Farm & Marketplace where we are to meet our guide, get fitted with our bikes and our helmets. It turns out Kurtz is the perfect place to meet. The grounds are beautiful with an abundance of lush greenery, towering trees, glorious wild flowers, a quaint bridge over looking a small pond… the setting is an inspiration and quite suitable for even Monat or perhaps Sisley! We are feeling relaxed and invigorated already. Jacquie who will be our guide and we love her right from the start. She is full of zest, she suits us up, we test drive the bikes – it is all systems go.

Off along the Niagara Parkway we go full of enthusiasm.

There is a sense of the local beauty and bounty NOTL has to offer, with vineyards in view and fruit orchards dotted along the way, with rows upon rows of pear trees running parallel to our path. After a relaxing and scenic several kilometer ride, we arrive at our first winery. Here is a snapshot of the 3 wineries we enjoyed on our tour. This may or may not be the itinerary for the next group, or individual’s tour, as Grape Escape Wine Tours has a broad roster of wineries that they mix and match accordingly. They also have introduced several new tours this year including their “Ultimate Wine, Beer & Foodie Bicycle Tour”, as well as their “Wine, Beer & Tapas Vehicle Tour”.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Next month we will report on the 3 wineries we visited – Inniskillin Wines Inc., Pondview Estate Winery and FrogPond Farm Organic Winery. Stay Tuned!

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Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

In Beauty MedSPA. Pssssssst!.Celebrity Hollywood beauty secrets revealed. A glass of red wine and more!

Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

Celebrity Spa Secrets,red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies Beauty MedSPA

We had a lot of help from our beauty partner In Beauty MedSPA  located in Yorkville, Toronto Canada. This year at TIFF we rally needed to be “red carpet” ready for our Web TV series, The Wine Ladies Talking Wine With The Stars. Now we know what those Hollywood types do to get ready for any red-carpet or special events, TV interviews and more.

For 5 weeks we were catered to and treated like “A” list stars by Kate Lee

We had the extreme pleasure leading up to our TV shoot to experience the services of this amazing oasis in the heart of Toronto. For 5 weeks we were catered to and treated like “A” list stars by Kate Lee and her entire team. Pre-TIFF skin and beauty treatments including radio frequency treatments; IPL Intense Pulsed Light NannoLight facials, and the fabulous whole body LED light spa as we affectingly refer to as the “pod”. This is a one stop shopping spa to make you relaxed, beautiful and thinner!!!! Many thanks.

We had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Kate Lee on our radio show not too long ago and got the scoop on what the celebs do to look their best. Including choice foods which pack an antioxidant punch! Also on the show from Inniskillin Wines and their award winning Icewines, Public Relations Manager Debi Pratt as well as discover Executive Chef David Penny’s idea of the perfect “film fare” to pair with sparkling Icewines! Check out the highlight here!

In Beauty MedSPA Kate Lee and The Wine Ladies talk beauty secrets of the stars!

Celebrity Spa Secrets, red carpet ready, The Wine Ladies In Beauty MedSPA

Take a virtual tour of the In-Beauty MedSPA with Kate Lee and The Wine Ladies here.

The Wine Ladies anti-aging rules to live by.

1. A cup of green tea in the morning ( some blueberries on your cereal too)
2. A piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon
3. A glass of red wine with dinner at night.
4. Exercise regularly
5. And visit Kate Lee’s In Beauty Med-Spa!

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