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VQA wine regions

Is there a new Ontario wine region we don’t know about? Ask The Wine Ladies.

 Dear Wine Ladies,

My husband and I always try to support our own Ontario wines and discovered recently an Ontario wine that came from an area we had no idea made wine. Most familiar with the Viticultural Areas and Prince Edward County regions we were surprised when a friend brought over a wine from the Oak Ridges Moraine just north of Toronto. Is this a new wine region? Are there others that perhaps just don’t get the attention the well known regions receive?

Sarah, Burlington, Ontario

Ask The Wine Ladies

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Dear Cindy,

The landscape for wine grape growing in Ontario is definitely evolving however to date, there are still just the three primary Viticultural Areas or appellations of origin which are the Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore and Prince Edward County.

There are several emerging wine regions though of which the Oak Ridges Moraine is one. According to Wine Country Ontario a few of the promising areas include the eastern Erie shore near Long Point. Summer temperatures are slightly warmer than in Niagara. You mentioned just north of Toronto on the Oak Ridges Moraine where in fact several vineyards have already yielded VQA wines.  

Close to Georgian Bay there are also vineyards planted as well. Finally near Prince Edward County in the Northumberland Hills you can also find several vineyards.

Some of the reasons for this expansion into new areas is due to the research being conducted in viticulture, the experience growers are gaining in understanding the “terroir” and also the consumer interest in general.

We have had the pleasure to visit, or are familiar with are Willow Springs Winery producing VQA wines, located in Stouffville. Burning Kiln Winery in Norfolk County with award winning winemaker Andrzej Lipinski at the helm. Finally The Georgian Hills Vineyards that include grapes growing on the hills overlooking Georgian Bay. On Canada Day why not explore the beautiful bounty Ontario has to offer in your wine glass, cheers!

The Wine Ladies

Georgia and Susanne

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Meet Shauna White winemaker of Adamo Estate Winery, the 1st winery of Ontario’s next emerging wine region.

Girls’ Night Out sparkling

Girls’ Night Out Sparkling wine rocks Crystal Soiree chez Susanne.

What a wonderful world it is with great friends… awesome food and delicious wines! At our recent “Crystal Soiree dinner party” hosted by Susanne, a festive time was had by all!In our flutes is one of our favs to enjoy with the gals Girls’ Night Out Sparkling!

A nod to our own wine country, from Ontario wine region of Lake Erie North Shore Colio Estates Wines delights with their 100% Riesling sparkling. A delish way to kick off our evening and stay with us the evening long. Nothing says celebration better than a little bubbly. No need to break the bank either… shhhh only $13.95!


Some of the ladies gracing Susanne's home for the Crystal Soiree.

Some of the ladies gracing Susanne’s home for the Crystal Soiree.

In the Girls’ Night Out sparkling we love the notes of citrus and green apple both on the nose and on the palate. Delish food and fizz are naturals. The lively bubbles are a natural too for a variety of appetizers including spannokopita and goat cheese, toasted pine nut appetizers.

The finale of the evening was a special “gateau” brought by a good friend is simply devine with our wine! Girls’ Night Out sparkling.

Happy Holidays everyone!