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WOW, no bull roar here with the wines of Navarra, Spain.The Wine Ladies audio podcast.

Running of the Bulls is one of the most visited and most popular events of the world. Although this ‘sport’ is very dangerous, every year it involves a large number of candidates, according to tradition, prove their manliness and courage.

On this week’s radio show… 

The Wines of Navarra, Spain!

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Coming up on today’s show, we’ll take you on a journey to an old world wine country where we’ll explore one of its most exciting wine regions today… that is Navarra. Navarra is located in the north of Spain, actually centered on the great bull fighting town of Pamplona… where the traditional and exciting annual “running of the bulls” takes place. Navarra’s wine region lies between the famous wine region of Rioja, on the west side and the French border to the northeast. This proximity to Rioja and Bordeaux allows the winemakers to draw expertise and inspiration from these iconic areas while maintaining their own individual wine style.

There are a lot of exciting things happening in this region. At the wineries where tradition and innovation are blending to make some of the most exciting finest quality value wines today! Last week we attended an event “WOW The Wines of Navarra”, a superb event that showcased what this region has become, so joining us today, we have several guests, starting off with Sheila Swerling Purritt, she is the President of her own public relations and advertising company, Swerling Purritt Production, she organized and hosted the WOW Wines of Navarra event, she is a recognized judge at wine, spirit and food competitions and also is a past President of the Wine Writers Circle of Canada.

After we speak with Sheila we will be welcoming… are you ready for this?…. a Toronto therapist who was honored by the Spanish King Juan Carlos of Spain, who in one of his last official acts as reigning monarch awarded our guest Barry Brown the “Officer’s Cross of the Order of Civil Merit”, 30 years of promoting Spanish wine and tourism in Canada.

We will also be chatting with two gentlemen from Spain, both viticulturists and oenolgists, Jordi Vidal. General Manager, CRDO Navarra, who will fill us in on the specifics of the wines of the region and Gonzalo Lainez, who represent the winery Finca Albret, founded in 2002 whose name honours the last king of Navarra Juan de Albret 1469-1516. All that to come….

Spanish Map

Cordero Di Montezemolo Arneis 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Cordero Di Montezemolo Arneis 2013

Cordero Di Montezemolo Arneis 2013

My wine pick this week was discovered at a fabulous Italian restaurant in the heart of Yorkville. In the mood for something off the beaten track… not that I am a member of the ABC Club….”anything but Chardonnay”. I love Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blancs, two staples, but when we saw this wine on the list we thought,this is a great producer located in Piedmont. The vineyards have a long history located in the commune of La Mora, in fact the earliest beginnings date back to 1340!

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

Cordero di Montezemolo, Arneis 2013

Under the same name until 1941 when the countess passed and willed the property to her grandson who is the father of the current owner Giovanni Codero di Montezolo, who together with his children continue to personally manage the vineyards and take care of the fruit. And a superb they do!

To the wine! The Cordero di Montezemolo, Arneis 2013 from the region of Langhe in Piedemonte has an intense bouquet of peach and flowers, so inviting with a crisp, dry long finish. Absolutely delicious and a  different variety to enjoy for a change, well made, complex. Try it, you will love it! I know I did!

Cordero Di Montezemolo Arneis 2013

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WOW, no bull roar here with the wines of Navarra, Spain