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Winemaker Kyle Thompson, Saint Clair Family Estate

Next up… New Zealand and marvellous Marlborough, featuring Saint Clair Family Estate and Sauvignon Blanc!

And to close off the show, the region that has come to be associated with this varietal as its signature grape. Three quarters of all vineyards planted dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand!

Our final guest Kyle Thompson, winemaker for Saint Clair Family Estate located in Marlborough. Since their first vintage in 1994 Saint Clair Family Estate has won awards every single year. We’ll get the scoop on NZ in general as a new wine region, about Sauvignon Blanc and of course about Saint Clair Family Estate.

Episode 45: Sauvignon Blanc Day 2016

Listen to Kyle Thompson at 45:25 minutes in the show

On this week’s radio show…

Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day! Get Sauvignon Blanc savvy with three unique styles from three different continents.

Coming up on today’s show we are going to be celebrating a very special day in the world of wine, saluting one of our favorite grape varietals, grown in many wine regions around the globe and growing in popularity day by day.

Saint Clair Family Estate wines distributed by PMA,Peter Mielzynski Agencies Ltd.


 Midlife Chaos band practices at Georgia’s house always include a bottle or two of Saint Clair Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc courtesy of Jeff the “piano man” of the group! Georgia’s husband Ken shown here showcasing this delicious Sauvignon Blanc.
Meet the band from right to left: Jeff, Val, Ken, Gary and Tim. Book the band

And we are so on board, 100% ready to celebrate, to educate and introduce you guys to three very distinct Sauvignon Blancs all coming from diverse regions around the world, in fact from 3 different continents, all with their own unique style… France, California and New Zealand.

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Maori People from New Zealand performing the traditional Haka (war dance)

Kiwis love setting off on a Tiki Tour. It’s a trip where you take the scenic route, sidetrack a little, linger and experience new things. We invite you to join us on the Great New Zealand Wine Tiki Tour. An evening of meandering, digressing, indulging and awakening the senses.

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Who knows where, what or whom you’ll discover! What we do know is there will be amazing New Zealand wines, fascinating people and memorable photo opportunities. It’s time to escape and explore!

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May 5th, 2016

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 Coming up May 2nd…. on the radio show… Exploring Sauvignon Blanc and celebrating International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Representing New Zealand will be Kyle Thompson winemaker of Saint Clair Family Estate. We invite you to tune in.

Introducing Villa Maria Lightly Sparkling sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s most awarded winery, Villa Maria.

Villa Maria New Zealand’s most awarded Winery.

Founder and Owner Sir. George Fistonich

 We kick off the show with a sparkling wine, it is a brand new bubbly. We always like to share with you guys when we come across something new and delish, so here is one of our latest finds. Perfect for this time of year, from the most awarded winery in New Zealand, the “Lightly Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc” from a winery with an incredible success story, as they say of this winery, “From a one-man band to a global brand in just 50 years”, wow, we are talking about the winery,Villa Maria.

On this week’s radio show… Holiday Season sparkles with bubbly, glorious stemware, a variety of great value vino and luxurious limo.

Thank you for joining us, tis the season to be merry. Ho Ho Ho!! We have a fabulous holiday season show planned for you today, Including suggestions that will sparkle with bubbly and pleasure your palate . We have a fabulous vino that won’t break the bank.
Plus we’ll introduce you to a stunning stemware line. new to the market, hand crafted and glorious for gift giving. And “how to travel in style safe and sound this holiday season!

We welcome Marlborough Winemaker Josh Hammond to the show to share the story of  Villa Maria  and tell us all about the new Lightly Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc we fell in love with.

Listen to Josh Hammond at 6:51 minutes in the show. 


Available at the LCBO for $17.95 per bottle

Villa Maria Winery, New Zealand’s “Most Awarded Winery”. Meet Ollie Powrie head viticulturist on this week’s radio show.


Spread the JOIY this holiday season! Meet winemaker and founder Chris Archer on this week’s radio show!



We’ll start off by introducing you to a brand new bubbly,  delicious, whimsical, and unique.

”A great and quirky drink” claims the acclaimed winemaker, who also says there are no rules with this bubbly!”

On this week’s radio show… Holiday hits! What will be in your glass this season?

Chris Archer JOIY

Joining us in our first segment from New Zealand will be Founder and Winemaker Chris Archer.Spreading the JOIY! Chris is definitely doing that!

JOIY tasting with Chris Archer, Toronto.

Tasting with Chris Archer, Toronto.

Listen to Chris Archer at 6:12 minutes in the show.

Camouflage Drinkers fit right in with MADD Virgin Drinks … Looks like wine, tastes like wine, ZERO alcohol, 1/3 the calories! Simply Devine!

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 2014, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

I rediscovered a wine that was right up my alley. As a fan of Sauvignon Blanc I find myself once again gravitating to this citrus, fresh and delightful Sauvignon Blanc.  The winery is Villa Maria  New Zealand’s Most Awarded Winery.

The wine is the Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc 2014 from Marlborough, this is a family owned winery that is known for being a leader in sustainability and great quality.I loved it, and I picked it up for $16.95, a good buy!

On this week’s radio show…

South America Sizzles with Sensational Sips and Sights! Exploring Chile, Argentina and Peru

We have a super lineup of guests this week. Our topic today Sizzling South America with their red hot wines, incredible gastronomy and the exploring of what one of our favorite Globe and Mail columnist recently called the “hippest sip of the moment”, that is Pisco.

EPISODE WL 08-09-2015

Listen to my wine review at 6:20 minutes into the show.

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Villa Maria Winery, New Zealand’s “Most Awarded Winery”. Meet Ollie Powrie head viticulturist on this week’s radio show.

Dog Point Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

So we always like to share some of our “The Wine Ladies” wine experiences with all of you. Last week we attended one at the beautiful Bosk restaurant located in the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Toronto. We had the opportunity to meet James Healey who was visiting here from Marlborough. James is one of the two founders of the prestigious New Zealand winery, Dog Point Vineyard and also the former winemaker of Cloudy Bay.

Georgia's Wine Pick

Georgia’s Wine Pick

We had a great time and Nigel Sowman the head viticulturist at Dog Point Vineyard who was also there (loved his accent). As well as Richard Dittmar the VP of Trialto, the agency that represents this winery here in Canada. Between the 5 of us we had some great wine and some great conversation.

James, Nigel, (on the left) Richard on the right) and Susanne and Georgia.

James, Nigel, (on the left) Richard on the right) and Susanne and Georgia.

 Nigel Sowman, Georgia and James Healey

Nigel Sowman, Georgia and James Healey

So I am going to follow suit and fill you in on another fave of the day. I am warning you there are not that many cases available. So act fast if you like aromas like juice cherry, raspberry, touches of viloet, touch of earthy flavours and a lively acidity, complexity and good length in your Pinot Noir!

If you said yes, Dog Point Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012 is your wine. Premium price but coming from producers that critics are saying things like “gathering cult status” – James Haliday $49.95.


Listen to my wine review at 3:35 minutes into the show.

On this week’s radio show…

Discover Washington wines. Make your own wine in time for the holidays. Discover the secret anti aging ingredient and Canada’s most southerly wine region Pelee Island and Pelee Island Winery.

Episode 33

Award Winning Pelee Island Winery, Canada’s most southerly vineyards.

Yealands Family Wines, Marlborough, New Zealand.

The Most Sustainable Winery in the World,Yealands Family Wines, Marlborough, New Zealand. On this week’s audio podcast.

Sue White of Whitehaven…Totally,utterly Marlborough to the last drop!On this week’s audio podcast.

We had the opportunity to speak to Sue White, proprietor of the multi-awarded and highly regarded winery Whitehaven located in Marlborough. Sue filled us in on some of the specifics of kiwi wines, what makes them unique, their aromatics, their taste profiles.

Listen to Sue White at 1:04 minutes into the show.


On this week’s showDrink New Zealand and think the “King of Sauvignon Blanc”,sustainability and the meteoric rise in popularity!


We explore a youthful wine region that has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. It is recognized the world over for its commitment to the environment and sustainability. Also widely recognized as the “King of Sauvignon Blanc” which has become synonymous with this region. It has recently been awarded its very own Pinot Noir glass for one of its regions by the preeminent 11th generation Austrian glass maker Riedel. We can only be talking about one country and that is New Zealand!

Spread the JOIY this holiday season! Meet winemaker and founder Chris Archer on this week’s radio show!