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The Magic of Mushrooms and Vitamin D! To Your Number One Health With Irie Selkirk.

Our special guest this week, Irie Selkirk.

On this podcast you’ll learn about the healing powers and magic of the mushroom, both of grocery store species and those containing psilocybin! Fascinating info from our  special guest Irie Selkirk, Co-Founder of Sansero Life Sciences and co-founder of Rise Wellness Retreat  located in beautiful sunny Jamaica! Tips to better health, well being and balance with Irie include Vitamin D and Box Breathing! 

Be sure to tune in!

The Magic of Mushrooms and Vitamin D
The Magic of Mushrooms and Vitamin D. The Wine Ladies podcast with Irie Selkirk.

Have you taken your daily mushroom boost today? 👀 We love adding our tinctures to a morning coffee, tea, cacao elixir, or straight under the tongue and down the hatch to elevate our day.

A Good Mushroom We do everything mushroom. Edible, drinkable, functional, medicinal, educational, growable, renewable.
Rise Wellness retreat
Rise Wellness Retreat, located in Jamaica. Experience psilocybin in a safe, legal and beautiful setting.

Rise Wellness Retreat combines natural healing and ancient wisdom with modern science to create a completely immersive wellness experience unlike any other, in a beautiful and relaxed setting with trained facilitators.

Our integrative wellness program supports your mind, body and spirit, combining microdoses of specially-formulated psilocybin, restorative classes and personalized guidance to pioneer a safe and new way to rebuild the foundations of life based on increased creativity, reduced stress, improved wellness and an overall better state of mind.

Sansero Life Sciences Inc.
The Forefront Of Psilocybin Science.

Sansero Life Sciences is a Canadian-based bioscience company developing novel medications for the evolving needs of patients and the future of mental health care.

Sansero’s highly skilled and experienced research team uses advanced machine learning, diagnostics and metabolic pathway profiling to create psilocybin-based formulations designed to replace anti-depressants and ADHD medications with new pharmaceuticals that treat the complete neurological pathway