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National Rosé Day celebrates the delight and versatility of one of the oldest wines in the world dating back over 2600 years!

Join the rosé Revolution 

National Rosé Day celebrates the delight and versatility of one of the oldest wines in the world dating back over 2600 years!

The Wine Ladies suggest you think pink for summer. Think pink indeed, and we’re not talking Giorgio Armani or Dolce & Gabbana. Although we are referring to what’s in fashion, it’s not what you’re wearing, but what’s in your wine glass. Rosés are enjoying a much  deserved revival, with recent years showing the world going wild for these ever popular pink wines.  Hence International Rosé Day now falls  on three separate occasions, in 2018  June 9th, 22nd, and August 14th.  No other wine or varietal can boast such a following!  And in case you haven’t heard ladies we are not exactly cornering this market as real men drink pink too, and a lot of it! Check out the hash tag  brosé sparked by men standing tall and shattering gender stereotypes by declaring that they are not afraid to drink pink.  Also increasingly occupying prime real estate both on wine lists and on store shelves, retailers and restaurateurs are responding to the popular demand of these blushing “bevies”.

Why is everything coming up rosés now you may ask?

The sweeter, cloying days of former rosés are gone, stylistically now being replaced with a plethora of wonderfully, crisp, fresh and dry wines being produced in many parts of the wine-growing world.  Plus improved wine making equipment and winemaking techniques have played a significant role, with the new rosés showing vibrant aromas, flavors and good structure. Pick your variety, Grenache, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cinsault, Zinfandel or Cabernet just to name a few, or select your rosé according to colour, from a pale salmon hue to deep neon pink. The possibilities are endless.

Rosés are the perfect wine for summer, easily approachable and lighter bodied, served chilled they make a delectable accompaniment to a variety of warm weather fare. They’re like chameleons, able to adapt to partnering well with almost any kind of dish, from light snacks to more serious fare rosés can do it all. Fire up the barbeque and grill away, whether it be a choice cut steak, seafood or grilled veggies, grab a pink drink.

Of course many a celebrity have jumped on the rosé bandwagon too, most recently son of rock star Bon Jovi with his Diving into Hampton Water, Barrymore of Drew Barrymore and of course Brad Pitt and Angelina’s Miraval, although now divested. All this plus the aggressive marketing of these wines abroad, primarily by France, it’s no wonder rosé rules.

We’d like to share with you a sampling of a few rosé we’ve recently enjoyed two of which are made in France, the birthplace of rosé some 2600 years ago and a third coming from a local winery situated in one of Ontario’s newest emerging wine regions.

Rosé Day Remy Pannier Sip and Cycle Group shot
Grape Escape Wine Tours with Remy Pannier Rose and Rosé Day

Our first rose, produced by Remy Pannier hails from the Loire Valley, France.  

We recently had the opportunity to speak with the Export Director Julien Cothenet, of this historical house founded back in 1855. Remy Pannier we learn was founded by Francois Remy and has been identified with premium quality Loire Valley wines for over 150 years.

As the most recognized name in the Loire Valley, Remy Pannier over the years has established close and lasting relationships with over 800 growers, providing direction and knowledge on the latest viticultural practices ensuring the finest quality grapes for their wines. When asked how Julien would specifically characterise the rosés of the Loire Valley and specifically the Remy Pannier Rosé d’anjou this is what he had to say “The Loire Valley is the second largest region for the production of rosé wines, just after the Cotes de Provence, however our Loire Valley Rosé d’anjou Appellation is among the fruitiest rosé you can find in France, with a lovely hint of softness which makes it so easy to drink” To his pairings of delight, grilled shrimps, spicy pork sandwich or vegetable quiche. Delish!

Remy Pannier Rosé d'anjou 2016
Remy Pannier Rosé d’anjou 2016 Loire, France

Enjoy a glass of Rose d’anjou, definitely a crowd pleaser as one of the best-selling rosés in  Ontario. This rosé is light bodied, crisp and fresh, light coral in colour, with an enticing aroma of strawberry, red cherries and citrus. It is off dry, elegant and will match well with a variety of salads, appetizers and grilled seafood! Made with Cabernet Franc.

Rosé Day Ventoux Market
Flower shopping National Rose Day

Ventoux Appellation Ventoux Controllé 2017 Ogier    $13.95

For our second perspective on rosés made in France we turn our attention to the Rhone Valley and more specifically the appellation of Ventoux. Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded during the Avignon papacy which was 1309 -1376 and over the centuries were drunk at the table of the kings of France. Our producer Ogier founded in 1859 is situated in the southern Rhone in the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape, which literally translates to “new castle of the Pope”.  Ventoux is enjoying a positive affect of climate change and now due to the warmer climes are producing wines of deeper colour and body.  Ogier’s Ventoux rosé comes from the best vineyards of the appellation in the South East of the Mont Ventoux mountains.

In a recent interview with Associate Winemaker and Brand Ambassador Raphael Pommier we learned that the beautiful acidity his Ventoux wines enjoy along with the full body is due to the positioning of the vineyards. When asked what might be Raphael’s desired culinary partner to enjoy with his Ventoux, grilled veggies doused with olive oil, zucchini, tomatoes and lamb with a healthy rub of fresh Provencal herbs was among his top picks, and ours!

Ventoux Appellation Ventoux Controllé 2017 Ogier    $13.95
Ventoux Appellation Ventoux Controllé 2017 Ogier $13.95

Fresh and crisp, this rosé is full bodied, with aromas of fresh berries, hints of pink grapefruit and slight nuances of violet, dry on the palate with red berry flavours and smooth finish.Made with a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault

Onto our final leg celebrating Raphael Pommier, or should we say “Rosé days… ahh, the power of pink, our local representative is Adamo Estate Winery.

If one is familiar with the remarkable Hockley Valley Resort, just forty-five minutes north of Toronto located in the stunning rolling hills of Hockley Valley, you may know of the Adamo Estate Winery, founded and owned by the same remarkable person Mario Adamo and family.

Adamo Estate Winery
Mario Adamo

Founded just seven years ago, Adamo Estate Winery was a dream come true for founders Mario Adamo, originally from Calabria Italy and his wife Nancy.

What started on a lot with a few vines planted and a dilapidated barn, we fast-forward to a stunning destination, a state of the art winery, glorious grounds and vineyards, a restaurant and more. A beautiful bonus, as an art lover was the multitude of incredible paintings permeating the space, all created by Mario himself, the founder who happens to be a breath taking painter!

Adamo Estate Winery
Winemaker Shauna White

We had the opportunity to chat with winemaker Shauna White.

Beautiful and so talented who has worked her magic in many wine growing regions around the world. Shauna was drawn to Adamo, being small, affording her the opportunity to work the full gamut, from the vineyards to the winemaking with a passion to commit to sustainability. With many Adamo wines gaining world wide recognition, and winning  a good number of the most prestigious awards, Shauna is in a good place, and so evidently are the vineyards. 

In a moment of serenity we take in the beautiful scenery, the vineyards and the backdrop of the Hawkley Valley Hills, Shauna and ourselves. We chat and sample Adamo’s Gamay Rose 2017 Kirby Vineyard.  Shauna tells us the wine was made in the saignee method, the crushed grapes skin soak for 6 hours, the juice then cool settles in tank and fermentation begins.

Adamo Estate Winery
Adamo Gamay Rose 2017 Kirby Vineyard $18.05

 The wine is  light salmon in color, because of brief skin soak, it is dry, crisp  and clean with “lots of grapefruit this year” Shauna tells us and “is drinking more like a white wine”. Hints of aged oak can be detected,  aromatic and with a refreshing finish. 

Adamo Estate Winery

Happy Rosé Day

Coming up on the next The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast. International Rosé Day #RoséAllDay. June 22nd, 2018

Audio Podcast 06222018 RoseDay2018Banner

Coming up on the next The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast. International Rosé Day #RoséAllDay. June 22nd, 2018

Celebrating International Rose Day with beautiful examples from Canada, Adamo Estate Winery and France, Remy Pannier and Maison Ogier.

Celebrating International Rose Day with beautiful examples from Canada, Adamo Estate Winery and France, Remy Pannier and Maison Ogier.

On this week’s audio podcast… 

Celebrating International Rosé Day #RoséAllDay June 22nd, 2018

Join the Rosé revolution!

Episode 70

Coming up on the show today, we celebrate International Rosé Day! Yes, as of a couple of years ago Rosé was awarded  its very own day.  In fact now there are three 3 International Rosé Days!!! It seems wine lovers around the world are increasingly seeing the world through rosé-tinted glasses and embracing #RoséAllDay with consumption skyrocketing in popularity.  

Gone are the days of super sweet and sappy roses. Now when you think pink, think crisp, dry with a zippy acidity, well made, with a range of seductive aromas. Including the likes of red berries,  peach, citrus, violet, melon, hibiscus and more depending on where it’s made.

Most wine regions around the world are now making rosé wine.

Three International Rosé Days to Celebrate The Pink!

  1. The second Saturday in June as conceived by a Bodvár House of Rosés
  2. June 22nd, 2018. Every 4th Friday of June will be designated as the day to celebrate pink wine around the world as determined by the Organisation International du Rosé was created to plan this event last November
  3. August 14 as put forth by the blog Wine Geeks in 2005.

So hop on board and join us  as we explore the rosé revolution with our three special guests.

Remy Pannier d’Anjou 2014

Remy Pannier

Julien Cothenet of Remy Pannier

Julien Cothenet of Remy Pannier

Starting with from France mais oui!

The birthplace of rosé going back over 2600 years. Monsieur Julien Cothenet is Export Director for Remy Pannier. Remy Pannier has been producing wines since 1885. They are located in the Loire Valley and are the producers of one of the top two selling rosés in Canada.

Listen to Julien Cothenet at 4:07 minutes in the show.

Remy Pannier Rose

Remy Pannier Rosé D’Anjou

Remy Pannier Rosé D’Anjou 2016 available at the LCBO. $14.45 per bottle until June 24th, 2017.



Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier

Raphael Pommier of Domaine Ogier

For a second perspective on rosés made in France we turn our attention to the Rhone Valley and more specifically the appellation of  Ventoux. In 1990, UNESCO listed the Ventoux wine as a Biosphere Reserve. The Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded during the Avignon papacy which was 1309 -1376 the Ventoux vineyards actually developed and expanded.  The kings of France drank these wines at their tables over the centuries.

Joining us will be Raphael Pommier, Brand Ambassador and Associate Winemaker for Domaine Ogier. Founded in 1859 located in Chateauneuf du Pape, Raphael will share the story of Ogier and fill us in on his Ventoux rose from the Appellation Ventoux Controlee.

Listen to Raphael Pommier at 20:35 minutes in the show.


Maison Ogier Ventoux

Maison Ogier Ventoux 2017

Maison Ogier Ventoux Rose available at the LCBO $14.75 per bottle.

Adamo Estate Winery

Adamo Estate Winery

Shauna White winemaker Adamo Estate Winery

Shauna White winemaker Adamo Estate Winery

And finally to our own backyard, locally here our salute to #YESWAYROSE .

We will be chatting with Vineyard Manager and Winemaker Shauna White, of Adamo Estate Winery, located in an emerging region. Adamo is located in the Orangeville area of Ontario and are dedicated to organic and biodynamic farming producing a range of wines including of course the Adamo rosé !

Listen to Shauna White at 36:12 minutes in the show.

Adamo Estate Winery Rose

Adamo Estate Winery Rose

Adamo Estate Winery wines available on line or at the winery. $29.00 per bottle for Legacy and $18.05 for Gamay Rose.

Audio Podcast 06222018 RoseDay2018AD

Delightful night of French Rosé in Toronto with The Consul General of France.

Rosé from the Loire Valley, so refreshing and easy to drink, Remy Pannier Rosé d’Anjou 2016

Meet Shauna White winemaker of Adamo Estate Winery, the 1st winery of Ontario’s next emerging wine region.

In the pink with Raphael Pommier, Brand Ambassador and Associate Winemaker for Domaine Ogier.

The Wine ladies Audio Podcast, International Sauvignon Blanc Day #SauvBlancDay May 4th, 2018

Coming Up Next On The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast.International Sauvignon Blanc Day May 4th, 2018, #SauvBlancDay

International Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018

International Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018


France has the pedigree, California the size and New Zealand has the personality.
Today we explore two of the important Sauvignon Blanc Regions, France and New Zealand.

The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast

Our radio show “Taking Life One Sip at a Time” is a radio blog on which we share with the audience our passion and sense of adventure for delectable and fascinating foods, wine, spirits and lifestyle discoveries. Our motto “everything in life somehow comes back to the vine and to live life large and with integrity is intertwined with a variety of guests from around the globe. Chatting with celebrity chefs, celebrity winemakers, exotic food purveyors, artists, musicians, sports personalities, lifestyle advocates and fashion icons be sure to tune in for an hour of lively topical and educational conversation.

Listen to the Audio Podcast Here


Export Director Julien Cothenet of Remy Pannier, a company with its roots firmly planted in the Loire, with a fascinating history, scrumptious story and wines.

Listen to Julien Cothenet at 5:44 minutes in the show.





Remy Pannier, Sauvignon Blanc.

Remy Pannier, Sauvignon Blanc.

Kyle Thompson, winemaker for Saint Clair Family Estate located in Marlborough. Since their first vintage in 1994 Saint Clair Family Estate has won awards every single year.

saint clair family estate logo@saintclairwine


Winemaker Kyle Thompson, Saint Clair Family Estate, Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018

Winemaker Kyle Thompson, Saint Clair Family Estate, Sauvignon Blanc Day 2018

Saint Clair Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

Saint Clair Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc.

Pure, iconic and vibrant, New Zealand has set the standard for New World Sauvignon Blanc. With a distinct, lush style and explosive flavours, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is recognised globally as a true category of its own.

Marlborough has mapped its place internationally as the ‘it’ location for New World Sauvignon Blanc, however, New Zealand offers over 11 regions and 50,000 acres (21,400ha) planted of this exciting variety.

This International #sauvblanc day we celebrate #nzwine and the iconic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that lets the world know that we Kiwis always punch well above our weight.

The Wine ladies Audio Podcast, International Sauvignon Blanc Day #SauvBlancDay May 4th, 2018

The Wine ladies Audio Podcast, International Sauvignon Blanc Day #SauvBlancDay May 4th, 2018

Bonterra Chardonnay 2017, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

La Crema,Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Women Wine Wednesdays with Jazz

Women Wine Wednesday’s With Jazz – VIP Launch Party March 15, 2017 – AnchorBar , Burlington

Women Wine Wednesdays with Jazz

Women Wine Wednesdays with Jazz


VIP Launch Party of Women Wine Wednesday’s with Jazz at the AnchorBar in Burlington! March 15th, 2017.

Please R.S.V.P via email to info@anchorbarcanada.com or on the guest list via EventBrite.

Complimentary wine and food samples

Amazing jazz quartet all night long.

Introducing a weekly night dedicated to the ladies, with featured 1/2 price special wines by the glass and the bottle, a “ladies choice menu, just for us” and special jazz musicians each week.

The Anchor Bar, Burlington is the venue, home of the Original Buffalo Chicken wings.

The chicken wing first created in Buffalo, New York back in 1964. Although many have tried to duplicate the Buffalo wing, the closely guarded secret recipe is what makes the AnchorBar chicken wings the “Best Wings in the World”. These amazing chicken wings now avaiable in Burlington.

Accomplished jazz musician, Emily Steinwall will be regularly performing accompanied by different musicians on the Wednesdays. Emily Steinwall in an emerging tenor saxophone player, flautist and bandleader in Toronto’s jazz scene.

The AnchorBar is #1 and we ladies love our all natural, chicken wings made fresh everytime with amazing wine.

Launch VIP Party of Woman, Wine Wednesdays with Jazz is happening on March 15th with The Wine Ladies hosting, getting the word out, this night is for us ladies!

Food and Drink Samples

Give Aways’s and Prizes

 The Emily Steinwall Quartet features some of the rising young stars in Canada’s jazz scene. With a voice that is distinctive and emotional, sophisticated playing and a beat that swings, this group captures the essence of jazz. On March 15th, they will feature special guest Brian Dickinson, a Juno award-winning piano player and who has been a mainstay on the Canadian jazz scene for over thirty-five years. The group features Emily Steinwall on voice and saxophone , Hayden Farrar on upright bass, David Steinmetz on drums and Brian Dickinson on piano.

Live Jazz Music featuring the Emily Steinwall Quartet 

Half Price Wine Every Wednesday
All wines, All Sizes!!!!

 Featured Wines!

Please R.S.V.P. info@anchorbarcanada.com or on the guest list via EventBrite  

Space is limited and you must be on the list to attend.

By the way… gentlemen welcome too!

Pascual Toso Limited Edition Malbec- Susanne’s Wine Pick

The Luxury Chocolate Toronto Show with The Wine Ladies. Nov 6th, 2016

The Luxury Chocolate Toronto Show is the place to sample and buy your chocolate for the coming Holiday Season. Each of our participating chocolatiers,  pastry chefs and confectioners are on hand to introduce you to their amazing creations. From bean to bar, from cocao to creation, this is the place to get your ideas for entertaining “chocolate-style” this season.

The Wine Ladies Present the Chocolate + Wine Tasting Salon

Chocolate + Wine pairing tables will be located on the upper pods of Roy Thomson Hall. Having the right wine to complement the right chocolate can be a match made in heaven! Sample wine and chocolate together. Samplings are available by ticket purchase.

What chocolate goes with what wine? Here you can sample wines with the chocolate that tastes best as a pairing with sampling tickets. THE WINE LADIES will be hosting scheduled Wine + Chocolate Pairing sessions throughout the day. Register at the bottom of stairs to pods in the South Lobby.

Some incredible wines will be featured from France, Italy, Chile and Argentina. All paired with BRIX Chocolate, the chocolate designed to pair with wine. These wines will be featured on this page over the next few weeks so stay tuned!!

Must be 19 years of age to enter this section and sample products.

Price per seminar is $15.00 per session and includes, chocolate wine and door prizes! (Does not include entry fee into the show) Buy your ticket the day of the show. Seminar times: 12:00pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00pm and 4:30 pm.

An example of some of the world class, highly esteemed wineries featured in the show include:

With winemaker Felipe Stahlschmidt and Export Director Julian Orti of esteemed winery Pascual Toso of Argentina, recognized as one of this countries oldest and prestigious wineries. A stunning tasting of 12 varietals, including Malbecs, Cabernet Sauvignon, red blends and the newly released Barrancas were tasted at the National Club,in Toronto hosted by EuroVintage Wines & Spirits.
This special edition Cabernet Sauvignon and Mabec blend was made to celebrate the wineries 125th anniversary.  Only 125 bottles were produced. A selection of these stunning wines are available through LCBO and Vintages. They are exquisite. The high altitudes, warm temperatures and soils produce fruity, fresh and smooth wines.

 Listen to Julian Orti, Export Director Pascual Toso on The Wine Ladies radio show Episode WL 04-13-2016 at 21:50 minutes in the show.


One of Italy’s many claims to fame, is of course their very own sparkling wine, growing in popularity day by day. Not only is it a wine, but it is a place, and it is a grape and there is a bit of confusion out there about this delightful and delicious bubbly and that is Prosecco. There is much more to this bubbly, with an interesting history, than many might know. We are excited to share with everyone at the show a very special winery, located in the Friuli region in northeastern Italy, the wine Castel Pitars winery. Here is a wine producer that dates back to 1510, steeped in tradition, now run by four brothers producing an exciting array of wines, along with their Prosecco, wines of indigenous grapes, international varietals and unique blends. Pitars Wines imported and distributed exclusively by VDF Importers of Fine Wines.

Listen to Nicola Pitaro on The Wine Ladies radio show Episode WL at 05-11-2016

Founded in 1885 by François Rémy, Rémy Pannier is the Loire Valley’s single largest wine producer, accounting for about 15% of all Loire Valley wine production, and with markets in over 40 countries worldwide. This progressive winery offers three AOC wines including the best selling Rosé in Ontario – Rosé D’Anjou, Muscadet and more recently, Sauvignon Blanc. Remy Pannier wines imported by EuroVintage Wines & Spirits.

Listen to the Export Director,Julien Cothenet  of Remy Pannier, a company with its roots firmly planted in the Loire, with a fascinating history, scrumptious story and wines.

Listen to Julien Cothenet on The Wine Ladies radio show Episode WL 04-23-2016 at 8:17 minutes into the radio show.


On this week’s Audio Podcast… Remy Pannier Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for #SauvignonBlancDay

Kicking off in our first segment we’ll welcome a producer from the “old world” from a region that is known for Sauvignon Blanc, that dates back to the 18th century, where the grape is said to have originated and that is the Loire Valley of France.

Joining us, the Export Director of Remy Pannier, a company with its roots firmly planted in the Loire, with a fascinating history, scrumptious story and wines, Julien Cothenet will join us.

Listen to Julien Cothenet at 8:17 minutes into the radio show.

Remy Pannier Wines distributed by Eurovintage Wines & Spirits 

On this week’s radio show… 

Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day! Get Sauvignon Blanc savvy with three unique styles from three different continents.


Coming up on today’s show we are going to be celebrating a very special day in the world of wine. Saluting one of our favorite grape varietals, grown in many wine regions around the globe and growing in popularity day by day.

Sauvignon Blanc

How would you describe me, this grape and the wine that I make? Well, you are zesty, fresh and crisp. I smell like citrus, grapefruit, tropical fruit and sometimes gooseberries and even cats pee! But that’s  a good thing!

And you originated in France but as you are planted prolifically in many different regions. You could only be one grape and that is Sauvignon Blanc.



This special day, International Sauvignon Blanc Day, the 7th annual, is celebrated on May 6th, as well as April 24th, as National Sauvignon Blanc Day.

There will be loads of tastings and events going on all honouring this diverse, very expressive, and delicious grape so why not join in!

And we are so on board, 100% ready to celebrate, to educate and introduce you guys to three very distinct Sauvignon Blancs all coming from diverse regions around the world, in fact from 3 different continents, all with their own unique style… France, California and New Zealand.


Additional 6 Bonus Air Miles May 22nd, 2016-June 18th, 2016