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Audio Podcast 06222018 RhineTourBanner

Coming up on the next audio podcast…Wines from the Rhine! Absolutely divine! Rhine Wine Cruise.

On this week’s audio podcast…

Wines from the Rhine… absolutely divine!


On today’s show we take you on a journey, along the Rhine River. A  journey that will have you board in Basel, Switzerland, make your way down the Rhine river, exploring a variety of wineries, historical towns, works of art and the wine and food culture of the multitude of stops we make along the way. Basel, Cologne, Freiburg, rheingau, finding off in Amserdam, which happens to be the birthplace of our own father.

We are inviting you to join us this Fall, departing Nov 19th on The Wine Ladies Rhine River Luxury Wine Cruise. Our partners on this amazing adventure the award winning travel company Concierge Travel Group and Ama Waterways river cruise ships. In fact our ship the AmaKristina was just announced in the 3rd edition of Berlitz: River Cruising in Europe & the USA, as the #1 River Cruise ship!! We will be doing this trip in style.

Rhine River Wine Cruise Nov 2018

Rhine Wine Cruise

Our first guest, Lorraine Simpson, owner and operator of the award winning Concierge Travel Group will be joining us on the show today. Lorraine will share with us a few of the details of the tour and paint a picture of all this extraordinary tour has to offer. Quite spectacular! Lorraine was recently selected as the winner of  the prestigious 2017 Magellan Award.


Lorraine  is calling in from yet another exotic location from around the world. Currently experiencing a Champagne dinner cruise in Bangkok, checking out her next tour! She is handling and pulling together the most amazing Luxury Rhine River Wine Cruise for The Wine Ladies. We are so excited!

Our guest was recently selected as the winner of  the prestigious 2017 Magellan Award.

Listen to Lorraine at 4:13 minutes in the show.

Rhine River Wine Cruise Nov 2018

Rhine River Wine Cruise Nov 2018

We would also like to invite you to a complimentary information evening we will be holding June 21st, 2018 at the Glenerin Inn & Spa in Mississauga. Lorraine and a representative of Ama Waterways will showcase this amazing trip.

Click here for your complimentary ticket.

Jürgen Hammer

Jürgen Hammer

Our next guest is a great ambassador of the Wines of Germany, Jurgen Hammer. Jürgen Hammer is the head of the Berlin branch of the German Wine and Sommelier School and market leader in wine education in Germany. He will  share the history, the incredible landscape and unique characteristics of the wines of German wine labels. What do they mean? Plus….Contrary to what many believe Rieslings are not always sweet. A noble varietal that can ran the gamut from yes, bone dry to Berrenauslese, very sweet, but with incredible acidity.

Listen to Jurgen Hammer at 19:23 minutes in the show.

Jürgen will be visiting Toronto at the up and coming Wines of Germany event, Riesling & Co. A night in Berlin  taking place June 20th. He will be leading trade seminar about the wines of Germany in the afternoon. But you have an opportunity to meet him and taste an amazing array of fabulous German wines that evening for a consumer wine tasting Berlin style, being held at the Arcadian Loft in downtown Toronto. Your evening includes  100 German Wines to try…Delicious food pairings for German wines:, entertainment, swag bags and More.

For tickets visit wines of germanwinecanada.com

Riesling & Co 2018

Riesling & Co 2018

Erni Loosen

Erni Loosen

And finally, we’ll chat with a German winemaker and owner of  Weingut Dr. Loosen. In 2005, Ernst Loosen was selected as Decanters “Man of the Year. We will be tasting his Loosen Up Riesling  newly available at your local LCBO. So much ahead, all coming up today on The Wine Ladies podcast!

Listen to Ernst Loosen at 36:50 minutes in the show.

Susanne about to enjoy a delicious glass of Loosen Up Riesling on a Saturday afternoon by the lake.

Susanne about to enjoy a delicious glass of Loosen Up Riesling on a Saturday afternoon by the lake.

Audio Podcast 06222018 RhineTourAD

Audio Podcast 06222018 RhineTourAD

Join us June 20th. Riesling & Co, A Night in Berlin.The Arcadian Loft Toronto.

The Wine Ladies Rhine River Wine Cruise Info Event Glenerin Inn & Spa

Join The Wine Ladies this Nov 2018 for a Rhine River Cruise For Wine Lovers.

On this week’s audio podcast. Erni Loosen, award winning winemaker of Weingut Dr. Loosen.

Wine Diamonds or tartrates.

Wine Trivia Contest from The Wine Ladies. Which of the following does not determine a flawed wine?

Wine Glass Writer set and Wine OFF

Wine Glass Writer set and Wine OFF

Win a set of Wine Glass Writer and Wine OFF

Value: $20.00

CONGRATS to Roz Rubinoff you are the winner. 

Simply post your answer on the bottom of this article in the comment area. The comment with the correct answer will be randomly be selected on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at noon. We will contact you and ship you the  prize.

For wine lovers, wine fanatics, wine novices and oenophiles, you too can learn quirky, shareable facts about reds, whites, and more. Simply select your answer. Test your wine knowledge!

Wine Trivia Game from The Wine Ladies – May 2018

Which of the following does not determine a flawed wine?

1. The presence of tartrates, or sugar-like crystals at the bottom of a glass, also called “wine diamonds” 

2. Hazy or cloudiness in the glass of a white wine 

3. A strong presence of ” brettanomyces” or “brett” as you might sometimes hear it referred to for short 

4. None of the above 

For a hint go to…

Ask The Wine Ladies – Is the sediment at the bottom of the bottle all right to drink?

Join The Wine Ladies on this wonderful


Uncork local traditions, savour intense flavours and enjoy palate-pleasing adventures during AmaWaterways Wine-Cruise.

November 2018

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Heinrich Vollmer ALTUM Pinot Noir 2008

Heinrich Vollmer ALTUM Pinot Noir 2008, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

A few weeks ago we were invited to an exclusive reception at the beautiful home of the German Consul, Mr.Walter Stechel. Mr Stechel along with Wines of Germany, Lufthansa and the German Tourist Board wanted to thank everyone for their support. They also shared with everyone some of the beautiful Christmas traditions of Germany as well as a few of their wines of course.

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

It was a great evening. Mr Stechel shared a few of the traditions with his welcome, including some that are quite different than some of ours here. The tree goes up Christmas Eve. The gifts only show up on the morning, even the colours and styles for decorating are different. I believe that sometimes requires a little negotiation in some families!

Heinrich Vollmer ALTUM Pinot Noir 2008

That evening we had the opportunity to try some very special wines, but my favourite was the Heinrich Vollmer ALTUM Pinot Noir 2008 from the Pfalz region. The grapes for this wine come from the top of the Vollmer Estate, from the Ellerstadler Kirchenstuck vineyard. Enticing aroma of cherries and hint of licorice, is medium-to full bodied, it was aged in oak for 12 months, has nice complexity, is well balanced, delicious and great for my big bird coming soon! I truly enjoyed and will be bringing to our Christmas dinner.

Heinrich Vollmer ALTUM Pinot Noir 2008

VINTAGES#: 375279
In our market $21.95

TUNE INTO THE WINE LADIES RADIO SHOW at 3:09 minutes to hear it.

Episode #15 (WL 12-22-2014) TOP 3 Tips to survive the holidays!The Wine Ladies Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions and 2014 in review!

Rhine River Wine Cruise Nov 2018

Rhine River Wine Cruise Nov 2018

Join The Wine Ladies this Nov 2018 for a Rhine River Cruise For Wine Lovers.

Marilyn Monroe

Ask The Wine Ladies…Are wine diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Dear Wine Ladies,

At a recent dinner party I attended the hostess noticed a small amount of sediment.It  looked like tiny pieces of glass at the bottom of a bottle of white wine from Germany. I was a little hesitant to drink the wine. However, one of the guests assured us the wine was fine and there was no cause to worry. What were those little pebble-like stones and are they really harmless?

Jennifer, New York

Dear Jennifer,

Those pebble-like stones you are describing are commonly referred to as “wine diamonds” or weinstein which literally translates to “wine stones” in German speaking countries. What exactly are they and how did they end up at the bottom of the bottle? These wine diamonds are actually harmless crystalline deposits that naturally separate from wines during fermentation and aging. Potassium acid tartrate, the potassium salt of tartaric acid is the major component of this sediment. The presence of tartaric acid, along with malic acid are very important in wine making as they help provide good structure, fruit flavours, crispness on the palate and an increased lifespan of the wine.

wine diamonds

wine diamonds

The majority of winemakers today recognize that the consumer is alarmed or put off by the presence of these crystalline deposits. They however are harmless. Rather than educating the public, many wineries employ a process called “cold stabilization” prior to bottling. This involves chilling the wine to just below zero degrees causing the potassium bitartrate to crystallize. The wine is then filtered and bottled. Having the wine undergo this process prior to leaving the winery assures a clean filtered wine with no sediment. In cases where the wine does not undergo cold stabilization at the winery, this precipitation of the tartrate could happen during cold weather transport or cold storage conditions.

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Join The Wine Ladies this Nov 2018 for a Rhine River Cruise For Wine Lovers.