On this week’s radio show….Out of the ordinary, but quite extraordinary! Dining on dirt or in the dark?

O’Noir located in the fabulous city of Montreal.

O’Noir located in the fabulous city of Montreal.

Coming up on today’s show “Out of the ordinary, but quite extraordinary”… that is our theme this week. We have got some really cool things we’re going to talk about…including a very unique and different style of growing grapes on a volcanic island… I’ll bet you, you have never heard of this or seen it before, it is really really quite something,  we’re also going to talk about two very different styles of dining… including dining in the dark.

Our first guest will be the founder of the restaurant O’Noir located in the fabulous city of Montreal, where you dine in complete darkness, no candles, no cell phones, no luminous watches… nothing…this style of dining is all the rage in Europe, New York, LA and now in Canada! So we’ll get the scoop and get enlightened on this culinary experience when the founder Leo of O’Noir joins us.

The other unique style of dining… are you ready for this? Dining on dirt, gourmet dirt that is…another foodie trend,  one of the newest things in haute cuisine. We speak with the founder and  Chef of the restaurant Actinolite, named “ one of the most essential places to eat  in Ontario if not all of Canada” Justin Cournoyer, will share his thoughts on this trend, why he searches out soil near maples and pines, what he does with that soil and who not all dirt is created equal… and we’ll hear first hand why so many are flocking to his restaurant…that Justin Cournoyer coming up

And to the volcanic island of Santorini, Greece, and their seductive delicious wines  where the vineyards look like a field of rows upon  rows of baskets! Not a basket case at all, … rather quite unique and brilliant the way they have the vines intertwined and woven like a basket that protects the luscious grapes… To tell us all about it we speak with Konstantinos Rampaounis of the Kolonaki Group, a prominent Toronto wine agency specializing in Greek wine.

And finally also trending huge these days, Food Trucks!  We’ll chat with the founder of the Feisty Jack Food Truck, named one of the TOP 10 Food Trucks in Toronto, British cuisine, its more than you think, not just bangers and mash, although they have that too  and also  the first Hybrid Food Truck-Restaurant in Toronto… … all this coming up….

This healthy, speedy BBQ dish, dishes up huge flavour and packs a punch with secret ingredient that keeps you young! Personal trainer and guru Darrin Robinson of EMERGE Lifestyle grills up a super dish that includes a glass of wine too… a skinny wine that delivers big on taste, little in calories! Watch the video here.

On this week’s radio show…
Out of the ordinary but quite extraordinary!

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Château Ksara Réserve du Couvent 2011

Boutari Santorini 2013 Assyrtiko


Dear Wine Ladies,

My partner and I are just getting acquainted with wine and are wondering if
the terms aroma and bouquet are interchangeable? Secondly does the length of
wine refer to its age ability?


Click here for the answer.


Boutari Santorini 2013 Assyrtiko, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

Boutari Santorini 2013 Assyrtiko

Boutari Santorini 2013 Assyrtiko

When we started looking into doing a radio show on “Out of the Ordinary but Extraordinary”b the  island of Santorini was an obvious choice. The way the grapes are grown in baskets are very unique as are their wines.  I found a super white wine. It is made with one of the indigenous grapes of the island. Although they do make wines from the traditional Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc etc., my goal was to something unique.

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

And I did. The grape is Assyrtiko. Its origins come from Santorini although it is planted widely in Greece. The grape loves the volcanic soil and typically produces dry, full bodied, aromatic white wines with a touch of mineral character.

My wine pick is the Boutari Santorini 2013 Assyrtiko…. Crisp, with green apple and hint of citrus, with that mineral note and long finish, so delish with my grilled fish!

Boutari Santorini 2013


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Episode #6.Out of the Ordinary but quite Extraordinary!