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L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2011

L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2011, Susanne’s Wine Pick.

When one thinks of Mexico, often it’s about Tequila, in fact they also have a well established wine industry.Venture up to the north-western tip of Mexico to discover Baha California, with wines much like the ones sought after California’s wines with its costal region.I loved this wine wit my burger on the grill. Simply divine with its medley of fruit character – red currants to blueberries, silky, with velvety tannins, nice concentration and weight. Delish!

Susanne'sWine Pick

Susanne’s Wine Pick

L.A. Cetto Petite Sirah 2011– Valle de Guadaloupe, Baha California, Mexico Vintages: 983742 $11.95 per bottle

 As reviewed on The Wine Ladies weekly radio show Taking Life One Sip At A Time. Episode #2 All about Mexico.

This week The Wine Ladies take you on an excursion of everything Mexican! From the spirit of Tequila, exploring the truths and busting open the myths, why are all tequilas mescal but not all mescal tequilas? What is the best way to enjoy this drink, either neat, on the rocks or in specialty cocktails? Recipes, and tips on how to best enjoy tequila from the stemware, to chilling, to swirling!

And what constitutes authentic Mexican cuisine, from the words of a native of Mexico City, you will hear about the ultra key ingredients and staples of this cuisine. So recognized is Mexican cuisine  that Mexican food was recently classified an “irreplaceable cultural heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO. The stretches of stunning beaches along the Mayan Riviera, the ultra-cool town of Playa del Carmen, and the amazing beachfront condo development “The Fives” in Playa del Carmen will be explored and finally from a 5th generation Mayan learn about the mystery and history surrounding Tulum, one of the most visited ancient ruin sites in the world. Be sure to tune in!