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Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila

Jose Curervo Tequila delivers on the Mayan Riviera.

Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo

The Magic of Mexico… on the Mayan Riviera…

An invitation we couldn’t possibly turn down. A four-day quick get-a-way to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera and its beautiful beachfront city Playa del Carmen situated on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Playa, as the locals call it, with its beautiful beaches is a casual, yet sophisticated city. A  charming and exhilarating downtown offering up suburb Mexican fare and fine cuisine alike. Although a little less rambunctious than its neighbor to the north the city of Cancun, here too there is a bustling nightlife scene. As well as loads of great shopping a la NYC 5th Avenue. The center of town actually is on 5th Avenue, “Avenida 5” where all of the above and more can be enjoyed. 

If one is in search of a premium resort accommodation the Riviera Maya easily obliges on that front too! For our last minute quick trip we booked at the El Dorado Seaside Suites, by Karisma, about 25 minutes south of the centre of Playa del Carmen. This is an all inclusive adults-only spa resort, with one of the largest spas in Riviera Maya, where we settled in for some of the best R &R we have had in quite some time!

Here are a few of the highlights we experienced on this all too brief visit to the Riviera Maya.

As we arrived at our destination the El Dorado Seaside we were overtaken with the anticipation of a few days of enjoying the sea, the sun, some delicious fresh food, delectable cocktails and some fun. The resort turns out to be beautiful, covered with lush tropical gardens and  towering forests of palm trees and a private beach that spans over a mile with pockets cordoned off due to nesting turtles, a protected species. Our accommodations suit us just fine, tastefully decorated, in the new section, on the third floor overlooking one of five pools, equipped with a swim-up bar where we come to meet a diverse group of fun loving fellow vacationers.

Where to dine? Three nights and up to seven restaurants from which to choose our fave turns out to be the Klay Talay Oriental Cuisine, which we enjoy on our final evening.

Here we are seated in a private enclave where we have a full view of the action, while enjoying the ambiance and comfort of our private dining quarters.  The restaurant is very hip and sleek while still warm and inviting.

A splendidly plated, generous  “boat” of sashimi, sushi and assorted condiments is placed before us by our server who goes on to describe the various specialties we are about to enjoy.   Our glasses of perfectly chilled Chilean Sauvignon Blanc arrive promptly, and are carefully attended to, with a continuous flow. We are feeling very special to say the least. The mains are presented equally as artistic and are sublime in flavor. Truly a delightful experience from the pre-dinner tequila cocktail at the thatched roof bar adjacent to the restaurant, to the supurb dishes and service, we give Klay Talay a resounding two thumbs up!

When it comes to local spirit, and local spirits there is no shortage here! At one of our favorite bars, we’ve come to know our bartender Jesus quite well and quite quickly where he routinely shakes things up showcasing his talent at mixology.

 Here we enjoy a plethora of tasty cocktails with the starring act being of course the signature drink of Mexico tequila! Cuervo tequila is being poured, apparently the first producer of tequila in the world. We are chatting now with a “tequila aficionado” who has this to share on both Jose Cuervo and the story of tequila in general.

Agave plant being harvested.

Agave plant being harvested.

“Tequila my friend, can only be called tequila if it comes from one of five states in Mexico. The most important being in the west central region of Jalisco” we are told.  “And do not be fooled, it must also be made exclusively with the Blue Agave or Agave Azul plant.  No agave grown outside this region, including other countries can be used for any product labeled as ‘tequila’. We go on to learn that the blue agave plant, takes six to twelve years to mature. That each plant is harvested only once. The harvesting of the blue agave is arduous work, which is done by the caretakers called “jimadores”. They first must chop off the leaves, thick spiny leaves that can grow to eight feet tall, followed by the core the source for the sap that can weigh up to 200 pounds! 

We are on to the popularity now of tequila and the positioning it enjoys on top shelves in prestigious bars and restaurants around the world, not unlike Cognac and Scotch. Jose Cuervo is one such tequila, which we come to be quite well acquainted with and are happy here to share.

Jose Antonio Cuervo was the first producer of tequila in the world having been awarded the rights to cultivate a parcel of land from the King of Spain in 1758. Today Cuervo owns the largest holdings of agave in the world.

The Cuervo family has been making tequila for over 250 years now with recipes handed down generation through generation. They pride themselves on using the best agaves, and finest methods producing some of the world’s finest tequila, and are in fact the world’s best selling tequila.

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila

Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila

We enjoy the Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila first, neat, and then both on the rocks and in this delectable cocktail! 

Especial Silver Tequila (In our market $33.95) 

It is clear in colour, has an aroma of citrus and touch of mineral. Dry and with a lime flavour with a smooth warm finish.

On another afternoon we enjoy a wine tasting, featured among other vinos, a couple that hail from Mexico! Yes, from the region of Baja California. The weather here is most suitable for wine grape growing including the noble varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Syrah. L.A. Cetto is one we enjoy with a fine selection of cheeses, fresh and dried fruits.

But we did more than indulge in fine tequila, the occasional glass of wine and delicious dishes all day long. We partook in classes of yoga, in karaoke singing and rounds of Black Jack, and we took to the water in motor boats and kayaks.

The resort was top notch, with so much to embrace, the sea, the sun, the wonderful food and drink and the people. And Playa still beckons, the shops and the cafes and bars, it’s not goodbye, simply so long for now, we will be sure to return.

As read in Power Boating Magazine.

Power Boating, Magic of Mexico,,Tequila

Power Boating, Magic of Mexico,Tequila

Celebrate Dias de los Muertos with #1 Tequila Jose Cuervo.

Day of dead Mexico

Celebrate Dias de los Muertos with #1 Tequila Jose Cuervo.

Celebrate Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos Nov 2nd with the world’s #1 Tequila, Jose Cuervo!

“The Mexican has no qualms about getting up close and personal with death, noting that he “…chases after it, mocks it, courts it, hugs it, sleeps with it; it is his favorite plaything and his most lasting love.”

On this week’s audio podcast…
Its Tequila time with Jose Cuervo!
Plus new delicious chocolate infused spirits and beer in time for the 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show.

Episode 36

Today we shift gears away from the grape vine and delve into the illustrious blue agave plant. To the number one selling tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo! Jonny Gray the Brand Ambassador for Jose Cuervo Tequila will fill us in on Jose Cuervo. As well as some of the myths and truisms surrounding Mexico’s signature spirit
The 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show is coming up in Toronto November 8th. With everything you can possibly imagine under one roof all having to do with chocolate. What is striking is how big this event has become. A true testament to the growing love and fascination with the beloved coco bean. And NOT only in Toronto. There are many events and festivals that go on now around the world all celebrating the ubiquity of chocolate, and the many ways it is being incorporated into our daily diets.

It’s Tequila time with the #1 selling Tequila, Jose Cuervo!

We welcome our first guest to the show, Jonny Gray the Brand Ambassador for Jose Cuervo Tequila. Jonny will share a little bit of the Jose Cuervo history, the tie with Spanish royalty, how Tequila is made as well as some great cocktail recipes.

Listen to Jonny Gray at 6:57 minutes in the show.

We had the opportunity to take an all too brief 4 day visit to Mexico, Playa del Carmen. On one particular evening we met up with a bartender who was a tequilier, or tequila specialist. He proceeded to share with us his great fascination and love of Jose Cuervo tequila. The first tequila producer in the world dating back to 1758.
We loved the story, the tequila and the cocktails so we thought we would share all of that with you. We  invite you to read the entire story The Magic of Mexico… on the Mayan Riviera featuring Jose Cuervo Tequila in Power Boating Canada.

Cloudline Willamette Valley Pinot Gris 2013, Georgia’s Wine Pick.

Power Boating Canada, Jose Cuervo Tequila

Power Boating Canada Magazine features the Magic of Mexico and Jose Cuervo Tequila.

It’s Tequila time and time for Patrón and to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Chris Spake,Director of Brand Education for Patrón

Chris Spake,Director of Brand Education for Patrón

Did you say lime? We love anything lime! Especially when paired in a cocktail with an ultra premium Tequila like Patrón .

Which brings us to our guest who will give us the scoop. He will talk about the  myths and the truths on Mexico’s national spirit, one of the fastest growing spirits in North America. He is the Director of Brand Education, for Patrón , the number one ultra premium tequila in the world, Chris Spake will join us.

Listen to Chris Spake at 30:35 minutes into the show.

BRAND NEW SHOWS every Monday at 10:00 am and Wednesday at 2:00 pm or listen ON DEMAND on line anytime.

This week’s episode….Episode #20  (WL-04-12-2015)

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo May 5th,2015


 View recipes

LCBO#: 50088 $89.95 per 750 mL bottle


View Silver recipes


View Anejo recipes.

LCBO#: 34603 $99.95 per 750 mL bottle


View Recipes

LCBO#: 220707 $33.10 per 750 mL bottle

On this week’s radio show, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

The Fives

Tequila & The Fives on the Mayan Riviera! The Wine Ladies Audio Podcast.

The Fives, in Playa del Carmen

Amazing beachfront condo development The Fives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

This week The Wine Ladies take you on an excursion of everything Mexican!

We explore the spirit of Tequila, revealing the truths and busting open the myths! Why are all tequilas mescal but not all mescal tequilas? What is the best way to enjoy this drink, either neat, on the rocks or in specialty cocktails?

Recipes, and tips on how to best enjoy tequila. From the stemware, to chilling, to swirling!  And what constitutes authentic Mexican cuisine. From the words of a native of Mexico City, you will hear about the ultra key ingredients and staples of this cuisine. So recognized is Mexican cuisine  that Mexican food was recently classified an “irreplaceable cultural heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO.

The stretches of stunning beaches along the Mayan Riviera, the ultra-cool town of Playa del Carmen. The amazing beachfront condo development “The Fives” in Playa del Carmen will be explored.

And finally from a 5th generation Mayan learn about the mystery and history surrounding Tulum. One of the most visited ancient ruin sites in the world. Be sure to tune in!


Episode #2. All About Mexico.

The Fives, Playa del Carmen.

Congratulations to Mary who was the BIG Winner of the night an all expenses paid trip ( excluding airfare) for 2 to The Fives in Play del Carmen valued at $3500.00!!! She was so excited as were all of we! She will be joining The Wine Ladies as part of our TV show we will be filming in the Fall at The Fives! Hoorah for Mary!!!

The Wine Ladies TV One Sip At A Time… adventures around the globe is heading to The Fives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico this October 2014.

The Magic of Mexico…Tequila & The Fives on the Mayan Riviera!

The Wine Ladies present an evening of….

The Magic of Mexico…Tequila & The Fives on the Mayan Riviera! Please join us July 10th in Oakville.

One lucky couple who joins us on July 10th for this event will walk away with an all expenses paid 5 day trip for two to The Fives an incredible 5 star condominium and beach club! This prize valued at $3500.00!

The Wine Ladies TV One Sip At A Time… adventures around the globe is heading to The Fives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico this September 2014. We hope the lucky winner can join us!

We are excited to share with you this spectacular property July 10th at a reception to be held at the Harbour Banquet & Conference Centre overlooking stunning Bronte Harbour.

The Fives enjoys a five star beach with five star amenities for your enjoyment. The Fives have 11 gourmet restaurants, pool bars, balinese sunbeds, water sports and beach concierge. All this  in combination with the sun and white sand makes this the best place to enjoy the majestic Caribbean Sea!


The evening will consist of….

1. An Herradura & el Jimador Tequila reception,whereby an array of Tequila cocktails will be prepared for you by a Tequlier a Tequila sommelier. From the classic Margarita to …. your tastes buds will be dazzled.We will explore the magic and myths of Tequila, from its earliest days to the present. We will explore the different kinds of Tequila, how it’s made, how to best enjoy it, we will dispel the myths and learn finally the significance of the worm!

2. A short  presentation (approximately 20 minutes) showcasing the Playa del Carmen area  and the extraordinary The Fives property with units available for rental or ownership.

3.Delicious regionally inspired appetizers all to tantalize our palates!

4. Be entertained by the sweet mellow sounds of the saxophone of Enrico Galante.


5. A chance to win a trip for two (2) to The Fives Playa del Carmen including air travel,accommodations at The Five ( 7 days, 6 nights), all meals, drinks and spa services included. Your $10.00 ticket is your entry for a chance to win. All proceeds go to ROCK ( Reach Out Centre for Kids) in the Halton region supporting mental health for children and adolescents. Value: $3,500.00

Additional tickets can be purchased at the event for $5.00 per ticket to increase your chance of winning! You must be present to win.

6. Additional door prizes include a selection of Tequila for your enjoyment.

Date:Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Place: Harbour Banquet & Conference Centre

2340 Ontario St, Oakville, ON L6L 6P7

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Your $10.00 ticket is your entry for a chance to win. All proceeds go to ROCK ( Reach Out Centre for Kids) supporting mental health for children and adolescents. Additional tickets can be purchased for$5.00 per ticket to increase your chance of winning!


Thank-you to our partners and sponsors..

The Fives Playa del Carmen

Harbour Banquet & Conference Centre

Tequila provided by

Entertainment provided by Enrico Galante

Carmela Zita Kapeleris 
Real Estate Broker, ABR, IRES

RE/MAX  Realty Specialists Inc.
(416) 543-6887 Carmela 
(905) 858-3434 Office
(905)569-0761 FAX 

All proceeds from the evening go to ROCK ( Reach Out Centre for Kids)

Thank-you,The Wine Ladies Georgia and Susanne.

Win tickets to the Tequila and More Show here! The Wine Ladies Video Podcast.

WIN Tickets to the Tequila and More Show, The Wine Ladies TV

WIN Tickets to the Tequila and More Show, The Wine Ladies TV 

On our show this week we welcome the founders of the Tequila and More Show.

On our show this week we welcome the founders of the Tequila and More Show. Allan Fryman and Anna Kozina who will be our guide to getting to know the wonders of tequila, and what makes this spirit so special!

Watch The Wine Ladies TV! Tune in daily from 3:00PM – 4:00PM on Thatchannel.com

Watch the show here.

Anna Kozina, founder Tequila and More Show.

Anna Kozina, founder Tequila and More Show.

We’ll explore and sample wines from Latin America including Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, beautiful wines, terrific value and unique, with Hugh Sutherland founder of Carriage Trade Wines and Spirits.

 Maria Barrios-Abalos, Aztec Goddess of Maize, founder of Xilonen

And finally Maria Barrios-Abalos, Aztec Goddess of Maize, founder of Xilonen. For the Discriminating Fiesta Lover, a full catering enterprise will treat us to a few specialities from her homeland of Mexico. A remarkable lady, charismatic talented and with a good soul! Be sure to join us tequila and more, superb wines and delectable and unique fare, all to tantalize our palates!

Win one of 5 pairs of tickets ($60.00 per pair) to the Tequila and More Show being held on Sunday, May 4th-5th?
How do you enter?

  1. Simply “LIKE” The Wine Ladies Fan Page
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    b.It extends the life of the Mezcal
    c.It’s found in Tequila not Mezcal
    d.It’s a gourmet delicacy

Winners to be picked at random on March 30th, 2012 from all entries. The winners to be posted at noon that same day on The Wine Ladies Fan Page.

The Tequila  and More Show where the magic and myths of Tequila is celebrated.

In all its glory, from its earliest days to the present. We will explore the different kinds of Tequila, how it’s made, how to best enjoy it, we will dispel the myths and learn finally the significance of the worm! The Tequila and More  show  http://tequilaandmore.com does this, and more!

An addition to the show this year The Liquid Latin Show

Where the sensuous wines of Latin America will please our palates, while the mouth watering dishes of Latin America and the Caribbean will tantalite our palates. Super mixologist Junior Melino @TheLiquidChef world renown, will shake up a mean cocktail, and dancers and musicians will entertain us!

Casa Herradura

Casa Herradura, Mexico’s second oldest tequila distillery founded in 1870.

Casa Herradura

Casa Herradura

Tequila, the fastest growing spirit and wine have a common ground.

So we discovered on our recent visit to the city of Guadalajara. We toured Mexico’s second oldest tequila distillery founded in 1870, Casa Herradura. From the significance of terroir, to the “art” of harvesting, the relevance of natural yeast and the use of oak barrels, the parallels were great. Just as there is a ritual with wine appreciation including nosing, swirling and slurping, so too is there one with this often misunderstood spirit. We learned of other similarities including basic rules of food pairings. As well as the importance and impact of practicing organic methods and being 100% natural. Certainly a trend we are seeing today in our world of wine.

We’d like to share a few of our discoveries starting off with the appellation system or regulations pertaining to “place”.

Just as our wineries must follow the regulations of our VQA, so must tequila producers follow rules set out by their governing body the CRT or Tequila Regulatory Council. Origin of the grapes, specificity of, and minimal natural sugar levels of grapes at harvest are dictated by VQA as are the origin of the agave plant for tequila, predominantly produced in the state of Jalisco. However permissible in five regions including areas in four other states the type of agave, it must be blue and the ripeness of the plant at harvest. As with wine, the relevance of terroir is key with a variety of soils and altitudes ranging from 6600 feet above sea level producing fruity, citrusy and floral notes while lowland, closer to the sea agave offering peppery spicy notes.

Georgia harvesting Agave at Casa Herradura.

Georgia harvesting Agave at Casa Herradura.

With more and more vineyards moving toward organic and biodynamic farming we are seeing the results in better fruit and ultimately better wines.

Casa Herradura also subscribes to this philosophy and practice, being the sole 100% natural distillery in Mexico. The proof was in the vat, sort of speak as we toured the facility, learning that the fermentation was spontaneous, wild yeast with no addition of specific yeast to kick-start or accelerate the process. The various open vats showed the agave juice at different levels of fermentation, with pure juice in the first, a partial transformation in the second, still sweet but with some alcohol, and the final, which we sampled, perfectly dry and still. The factory is meticulously maintained so as to allow for this natural process to take place in the vats. The process continues post fermentation, with Herradura distilling the remaining agave juice twice, cutting the heads and tails during both distillations to leave only the purest tequila for aging.

Our guide, Tequila Herradura International Brand Director Ruben Aceves, Casa Herradura

Our guide, Tequila Herradura International Brand Director Ruben Aceves, Casa Herradura

Stocked exclusively with 200 litre American white oak barrels.

The parallels between barrel use with wine and this complex spirit is once again very evident. Oak chips, larger oak barrels, as available in the wine industry are also utilized in the production of tequila, although not here at Casa Herradura. The small barrels, of varying levels of “toast” are selected to flavour and add complexity just as they are with respect to wine. The duration of oak aging is also a factor, transforming the potential and the flavour.

The highlight of the tasting we enjoyed on the beautiful grounds of the Herradura Hacienda was tequila that had been aged for forty-nine months!

It was the Seleccion Suprema, very dark copper in colour with an intense aroma of brown spice and floral notes, with a creamy and soft finish. It retails in the vicinity of $400.00 per bottle. But what the heck, we heard just recently that three bottles of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1869 went for an unprecedented $232,692 per bottle. Breaking a new record for the world’s most expensive wine ever sold at an auction.

The Tequila tasting at Casa Herradura.

We could go on and on, as we so enjoyed our wonderful journey of discovery with this often-misunderstood spirit. We remarked over and over again, “just like with wine” and felt compelled to share. We’ve only just scratched the surface, as there are many other parallels, so please read on and enjoy.

Importance of stemware
Riedel, The Wine Glass Company, the founder of the “functional” wine glass.  This company has an extensive array of stemware to suit every wine and innumerable specific grape varieties. A glass for all wine lovers needs, has seen fit to introduce a glass specifically designed to showcase tequila.

An elegant slender glass with a tall stem, meant to lift fine Tequila to the level it deserves, to allow it the appreciation and respect of which it is worthy.

Ritual for appreciation

As with wine, nosing, swirling and encompassing the span of the palate is key.
For maximum appreciation of tequila, place your nose in the middle of the glass, and smell. Taste and swirl the tequila to reach all corners of the palate. This allows each area to register the flavour and texture. After swallowing, allow a moment to register the finish.

Food Pairings
Just as there are basic rules for food and wine pairings, so there are for food and tequila.
We asked our Ambassador Ruben Aceves for his thoughts on this. Here is what he said, “Tequila can be paired with any food, the basic idea is just like wine”

Starters and light food with Blanco, the more basic, crisp authentic tequila with subtle cooked agave taste. As with wine, no need to over power a simple, light appetizer with too assertive a flavour and mouthfeel.Main courses with Reposado, meaning “rested” in Spanish, aged for a minimum of 2 months. Could be fish, chicken, seafood or beef. Possibly an Anejo, aged minimum one year in barrels not to exceed 600 litres.Desserts definitely paired with Alejo.

We would like to thank Ruben Aceves, International Director for Brand Development Brown Forman Tequila Herradura México. Reposado is currently available across Canada.

HERRADURA REPOSADO TEQUILA LCBO 452615 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 79.95 Spirits, Tequila 40.0% Alcohol/Vol. Made in: Mexico By: Tequila Herradura S.A. De C.V. Tasting Note Medium amber colour; very peppery nose, spice flavour, wood aged for a relatively mellow finish, interesting finish. Serving Suggestion Try neat or in favourite cocktail.

Georgia eating worms, Casa Herradura.

Tequila and More Show! Win tickets to the Tequila and More Show here!

Jimmy Buffet, Tequila

Tequila the most celebrated spirit of all! The Wine Ladies Video Podcast.

With so many new wineries and regions producing better and better wines, the world is our oyster. So why not think or DRINK outside the box and explore a little bit more this year. That’s one of our New Year’s resolutions to be sure.

Our topic for this week’s show, a departure from the vine. To a spirit that is undeniably a part of modern pop culture. Celebrated in song by many from Steely Dan and the Eagles to the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffet, a spirit that’s been around for over 200 years and growing in popularity. The delicious and often misunderstood, tequila! And there’s a lot more to tequila than one might think. It is a spirit rich in history, in complexity and versatility.

Ian Chadwick, Tequila and More Show

Ian Chadwick, Tequila and More Show

Joining us this week, our guest Ian Chadwick, a tequila and mescal aficionado. A writer,blogger, politician but he’s also the expert on tequila. He knows everything starting from the roots of the blue agave plant used to make it.