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Jancis Robinson

Wine World News.Hot off the Press with UK’s Wine Critic Jancis Robinson.

In our first segment our esteemed guest world renown British Master of Wine, wine critic, journalist and multi award winning author. Now with her just published 4th edition, “The Oxford Companion to Wine”. Jancis Robinson to join us and reveal a multitude of changes including brand new entries that had no place in her previous 3rd edition of nine years ago. The wine world is evolving at a brisk, exciting pace!

Listen to Jancis Robinson at 7:58 minutes into the show


Jancis Robinson Fourth Edition The Oxford Companion

  • Almost 4,000 A to Z entries on a breathtaking range of topics. From grape varieties and regions to viticulture, growers, and the history of wine
  • More than 60% of entries have been comprehensively revised and updated to include the very latest international research and opinion
  • 300 brand-new entries. Including wine apps, aromatics, geosmin, Hong Kong, minerality, natural wine, social media, and tasting notes language
  • Edited by the award-winning online publisher and Financial Times wine correspondent, Jancis Robinson OBE, Master of Wine, and Julia Harding MW.
  • 187 top local experts, including more than 50 new ones, contribute entries on their specialist regions. Such as Walter Speller on Italy, Huon Hooke on Australia, Michael Fridjhon on South Africa, David Schildknecht on Germany and Austria and Victor de la Serna on Spain.
  • Beautiful new page design incorporating new colour photographs and black and white line drawings.
  • All maps of wine regions have been updated for this edition.


On this week’s audio podcast…

Wine World News… Hot off the Press with UK’s Wine Critic Jancis Robinson PLUS the Pacific Northwest Winning Wine Regions, BC and Oregon.

Extra, extra, read all about it! We have the latest scoop on what is happening in the world of wine. Coming to you today from one of the greatest authorities on wine worldwide. She hails from the UK and is Jancis Robinson.

You’ll hear all about what is happening in China’s vineyards. Yes they grow grapes, they make wine and in fact are the 5th largest producer of wine in the world.

We’ll chat about climate change. Is it affecting our vineyards and how? And finally we have red wine, white, rose and yellow, but have you heard of “orange wine”? And no it is not made with oranges!

We like to stay on top with what’s going on in our market here as well. So as we just recently had a Vintages release of some of the wines of the Great Pacific Northwest, we thought we would take this opportunity to share with you what is going on in two of it’s exciting regions.
Our next two guests hail from award winning wineries representing BC  and Oregon.

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