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Glass Tiger

The Wine Ladies enjoy a GLASS TIGER “cold one” on The Pub Radio Show.

Ian Bowie, Sam Reid, Bill Perrie, Dave Lawler and The Wine Ladies, Glass Tiger.

Ian Bowie, Sam Reid, Bill Perrie, Dave Lawler and The Wine Ladies, Glass Tiger.

Last Sunday afternoon we headed up to Newmarket to the studios of Sam Reid. Sam is the  producer and a band member of the iconic rock band GLASS TIGER. No,The Wine Ladies are not entering the world of rock n roll!

We were invited as guests on our good friend Bill Perrie’s weekly radio show,The Pub Radio Show. Bill’s radio show is heard on Saturday at 4:00pm at www.whistleradio.com and again on Monday in the Stouffville area on 102.7 FM at 8:00 pm. This show airs this Saturday Feb 6th at 4:00pm on www.whitleradio.com and again on Monday Feb 8th,2010 on 102.7FM at 8:00pm.

What fun meeting Sam Reid producer and member of this esteemed rock band GLASS TIGER. We also met the talented ,musician Dave Lawler who own and operate SLIP ONE Digital www.slipone.com. The GTA’s newest fully integrated audio/visual surround sound studio.

Both just recently returned from Afghanistan as part of a ‘Team Canada’ program that sees Canadian entertainers and former NHL hockey players provide a positive morale boost to the soldiers serving there. They shared their experiences with host Bill Perrie on the show, “Our mission was to lift the soldiers’ spirits for even a few brief moments”, said Sam Reid. “To show them Canada still cares, and to learn firsthand about what they are trying to accomplish in Afghanistan,” said Sam Reid.

Host Bill Perrie of The Pub Show welcomed us graciously offering up a “cold one’, a glass of Japanese beer, SAPPORO.

It’s Japanese for sharing. Not our usual beverage of choice, it was a lovely departure for our standard drinking beverage. We don’t think we need to tell you what that might be! SAPPORO is made by Japan’s only beer producing company and we really enjoyed it.

Glass Tiger, The Pub Show.

Wine or Beer? Choices, choices!

Albert Pub  in Prince Albert. It was great to see that Ian offers not just a choice of red or white in his pub. He offers a nice tidy selection of wine for his patrons that prefer the beverage of the grape. Well done Ian! We brought a bottle of Girls Night Out Chardonnay to share with the group. It was an awesome afternoon with interesting people, delicious beer and great fun.

The Pub Show with Bill Perrie and Glass Tiger.

The Pub Show with Bill Perrie and Glass Tiger.

Grillin’ & Chillin’ with Ted Reader, the Kingpin of BBQ and BEERLICIOUS