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Audio Podcast 02 08 2018 Valentine' s Day Banne

On this week’s Audio Podcast..French wine and chocolate truffles, the perfect Valentine’s experience.

Tune in to The Wine Ladies radio show Feb 9th, 2017…Happy Valentine’s Day…Something for him and her!

Episode… Happy Valentine’s Day! Something for him and her!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2017

Starring our esteemed guests.

Valerie Gibson relationship expert and author of “The Later Dater” and “Cougar”Facebook


 Grégory Viennois Technical Director and Winemaker Domaine LaRoche@DomaineLaRoche

 Bernard Walsh founder of The Walsh Whiskey Distillery and the company behind Writers’ Tears and Irishman Whiskey. @WalshWhiskey


 Louie Manzo proprietor Cabin, Goods and Grooming for Gents. @cabinforlife