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Winning Colours need Wine Stain.

Red wine stains! No worries! Winning Colours Stain Remover to the rescue!

With the holidays upon us there are lots of parties, family dinners and glittering soirees. This of course involves having friends and family over, visiting pets, cracking open your finest wardrobe and of course lots of wonderful food, wine and more. With all of the extra commotion there will be sure to be lots of accidental spills and messes to be handled. We wanted to make sure you are aware of one of the very best stain removers out there in the market place. It’s called Winning Colours Stain Remover from Winning Brands  and just as the bottle claims it has over a 1000 + uses! From pet stains, blood, paint, grease, shoe polish, coffee to red wine stains!

Winning Colours

Winning Colours

It’s happened time and time again, the wine is flowing and everyone is having a great time. In an instant it all changes. Like a slow motion movie, the wine glass is knocked over filled with red wine. It covers the white table cloth in a sea of red and drips down to the to the chairs and carpet! Boy does that ever spoil a good party!

Fashion icon Cheryl Tiegs to Green Star The Wine Ladies Radio/TV November 2009

Not too worry as Patricia Miles Marketing Manager stated and demonstrated recently on the radio show. Simply apply the stain remover, add water ( the secret ingredient) and its gone! Winning Colours Stain Remover is also kind to the environment and is eco friendly. It is made with all natural ingredients including Bananas. It really works we have seen it for ourselves! Super model Cheryl Tiegs who has been practising green for years was also on the show. She was impressed with Winning Colours Stain Remover!

We found some great videos that showcase this exceptional Winning Colours Stain remover taking out a red wine stain.

Winning Colours Stain remover taking out coffee, wine, strawberries and so much more.

Winning Colours Stain remover taking out coffee, wine, strawberries and so much more.

The Wine Ladies SPOTLIGHT,Winning Colours Stain Remover

How to remove are wine stain.

Ask The Wine Ladies. I have a red wine stain on my shirt, what do I do now?

How to remove a red wine stain.

How to remove a red wine stain.

Dear Wine Ladies,

Would appreciate if you can you recommend a product that instantly cleans up red wine stains on my shirt and tie when I’m out for dinner.


Thank You.

Ask The Wine Ladies

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Hi Ronald,

Here’s how we remove a red wine stain.

Thanks for your question. Although there are many remedies and old wife’s tales out there, we are thrilled to share a new one we just recently discovered and are now working with!
Our recent discovery “Winning Colours Stain Remover” came out of the paint department of a hardware store, if you can believe it. Winning Colours is easy to use, convenient, immediate and works great! It’s also gentle on fabric and on our skin. This eco-responsible stain remover has won us over! Check out their website for more info and availability.

Winning Colours

Winning Colours