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Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

If you love beer & chocolate you will love Youngs Double Chocolate Stout Beer.

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

Up next,we turn our attention to a very special beer. This multi award winning beer hails from the UK, from a family owned brewery founded in 1876. Generation after generation bringing the beer lover distinctive beers and incorporating innovation and exciting new flavours. Including our featured beer here today, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout! Decadent and delicious, brewed by the Wells and Young Brewing Company, of Charles Wells Ltd.

Joining us to talk Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and fill us in on the heritage, fascinating history and the scope of Charles Wells Ltd., a tale of romance, business thriller and exotic travel, we welcome Guy Shreeves, Head of International Marketing calling in from Bedford, England.

Listen to Guy Shreeves at 36:00 minutes in the show.

On this week’s radio show…
Its Tequila time with Jose Cuervo!
Plus new delicious chocolate infused spirits and beer in time for the 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show.

Episode 36

Today we shift gears away from the grape vine and delve into the illustrious blue agave plant. To the number one selling tequila in the world, Jose Cuervo! Jonny Gray the Brand Ambassador for Jose Cuervo Tequila will fill us in on Jose Cuervo. As well as some of the myths and truisms surrounding Mexico’s signature spirit
The 5th Annual Luxury Chocolate Show is coming up in Toronto November 8th. With everything you can possibly imagine under one roof all having to do with chocolate. What is striking is how big this event has become. A true testament to the growing love and fascination with the beloved coco bean. And NOT only in Toronto. There are many events and festivals that go on now around the world all celebrating the ubiquity of chocolate, and the many ways it is being incorporated into our daily diets.